Black Triangle UFO Sightings & the Theories That Surround Them

Updated June 16, 2021
Triangular shaped ufo flying in the sky

Thousands of eyewitnesses over several decades have reported black triangle UFOs that appear to float through the air. Described as impossibly massive, the black triangle UFOs are some of the most ominous and disturbing UFO sightings.

Triangle UFOs Appear as Lights in Tinley Park, IL

On August 21, 2004, in Tinley Park, Illinois, thousands of people saw three bright red lights in a triangle-shape. The lights hovered over the area for 30 minutes. This allowed enough time for quite a few people to video recording the phenomenon. On October 31, 2004, the triangle returned and once more had many eyewitnesses. The triangle seemed to be on a mission to revisit Tinley Park when it reappeared on September 30, 2005, and again on October 31, 2005. Hundreds of witnesses reported these sightings and once more, people recorded numerous videos of the object.

Some people suggested that the red lights were flares tied to balloons, but they didn't move like flares and remained in formation for 30 minutes until the UFO moved away. The History channel UFO Hunters episode "Invasion: Illinois" investigated the sightings along with the video footage.

Using mathematical analysis, the scientists concluded that the lights were stationary, and part of one object was 1,500 feet from one end to the other. Eyewitnesses whose video footage was featured in the episode were given a demonstration of flares tied to balloons, and all of them agreed that what they had seen that summer night wasn't flares.

Man Sees Same UFO Twice

A man in Canada working at a pulp and paper mill witnessed a black triangle UFO. Working outside unloading wood chips, the man reported to MUFON that in April of 2017 around midnight, he saw the low-flying UFO when he first glimpsed a cloud of steam. The triangle UFO flew silently overhead and then faded into the distance. The man reported that he'd witnessed the same UFO six months earlier. He described the UFO as having a white light in each corner of the triangle. He commented that the UFO appeared to fly in an angle instead of a straight trajectory.

National Guard Pilots Chase UFO

One famous triangle UFO sighting happened in 1969 when two National Guard pilots were flying over San Juan, Puerto Rico. Spotting the 50 foot wide triangle UFO, the men pursued it for 20 minutes. Running low on fuel, the pilots had to break off their pursuit and return to base.

Police Officer Witnesses a New York Triangle UFO

In 1983, a retired Yorktown, New York police lieutenant, Kevin Soravilla, reported seeing a 100 foot wide triangle-shaped UFO pass over the police station. Another man, Mike Samuels, a Yorktown highway department employee, was at the station and also witnessed the UFO.

The triangle UFO moved silently above the men about 1,000 feet off the ground. The UFO had round shaped red, green and amber lights. Unsolved Mysteries TV series featured the sighting with other eyewitnesses from Brewster to Chappaqua. Soravilla described how the UFO made a 45° turn and sped away. When he immediately called nearby Stewart Air Force Base to ask if a C-5 transport plane had been flying that night, he was told no.

The following year, a similar massive triangle UFO hovered over Taconic Parkway in New York. The witnesses caused a major traffic pile up when they stopped their vehicles in the middle of the road to watch the UFO.

flying triangle floating above the countryside

Former Military Member Witnesses UFO in Concord, NC

The eyewitness, a man with a military background, was walking his dogs around 8 pm on June 11, 2015 when he saw a black triangle UFO with three white lights that pulsated. Because of his military training, the man is considered a very reliable eyewitness. He watched as the craft moved soundlessly toward the northeast. He reported that the lights on the UFO went out and the craft disappeared. There was a rash of triangle UFO sightings in the Charlotte area during this timeframe.

Belgium Pilots Give Chase

A 1989 sighting of a triangle UFO in Belgium by two police officers was just the beginning of several sightings over a period of a few weeks. There were hundreds of triangle UFO sightings. The triangle UFO featured the typical corner white light that resembled spotlights and the infamous red center light.

This wasn't the end to the triangle UFO sightings in Belgium. The following year, two F-16 fighter pilots with the Belgian Air Force were ordered to get a visual on the triangle UFO being tracked by the base radar. The pilots recorded the UFO's speed of 620 miles per hour (MPH) accelerate to 1,120 MPH in a couple of seconds.

Kansas Sighting Occurs With a Flash of Lightning

In 2018, a man in Hesston, Kansas sat in his car at his company parking lot, gazing at cloud lightning from a storm. It was around 5:35 am and he suddenly in saw a triangle UFO illuminated by the flash of lightning. The UFO hovered about 500 feet above ground.

The object was dark, but the surface was reflective. It had a white light in each corner and a bright red one in the center. It was moving very slowly, almost 6 MPH. Thanks to the lightning, the man was able to tell that the triangle didn't have any structural differences. It appeared to be a solid triangle shape with straight lines. He watched the UFO moving silently about 500 feet away until it was blotted out by the lights of the parking lot.

Descriptions of Black Triangle UFO

The black triangle UFO is often described as having a shiny, reflective surface. The aircraft has large spotlights that are white and circular positioned in each corner of the triangle. In the center is a very bright red light. The UFO moves slowly as though floating and often lingers for some time over one area. It is soundless. It doesn't generate any time of wind current. If a person had their eyes closed, they wouldn't know the object was above or near them. Some people confuse V-shaped UFOs like the one known as the Phoenix Lights and triangle UFOs. However, the two UFOs are quite different. For example, the triangle UFO is a solid triangle shape unlike the Phoenix chevron shaped UFO. Both UFOs are reported to be massive.

Theories About Origin

There are many theories about the origin of the black triangle UFO. One conjectures that it is a secret U.S. military vehicle. Another theory suggests that it is a secret surveillance vehicle of a foreign power. The most commonly expressed theory is that the vehicles are interstellar UFOs that are part of a secret space program sponsored by the United States. The other theory is that these are indeed extraterrestrial vehicles.

Black Triangle UFO Sightings and Explanations

There are many black triangle UFO sightings reported around the world. The frequency of these sightings has increased over the decades with many people feeling that the UFOs want to be seen and are conditioning the world for an eventual disclosure.

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Black Triangle UFO Sightings & the Theories That Surround Them