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Black Triangle UFO Sightings and Encounters

Karen Frazier
Triangular shaped ufo flying in the sky

Black triangle UFO sightings have been on the upswing in the past 30 years. However, reports of unidentified flying objects shaped like black triangles have actually been around for hundreds of years, with the first reported sighting of the phenomena occurring in Nuremburg in the mid-1500s.

Description of Black Triangle UFOs

There tend to be a few primary descriptions of black triangle-shaped UFOs. Some commonalities among them:

  • The flying objects are perceived as being black (although it is difficult to tell when they are spotted in the dark against the night sky).
  • Their shape is often described as either triangular or boomerang shaped.
  • They have lights (reddish orange, pulsing colored lights, or steady bright white lights) running along the perimeter or at the corners of the triangle.
  • They can move very slowly (much slower than commercial aircraft), very quickly, or hover.
  • When seen at night, they block out a triangular patch of the night sky behind them.
  • They appear to be silent or extremely quiet.
  • While it's difficult to estimate size, many people report the object as being quite large. They base these reports on how the object hovers at a height of maybe 5,000 to 10,000 feet and how much of the sky it blocks out as it does so.
  • They may be detectable on radar.

16h Century Nuremburg Black Triangle UFO Sighting

In 1561, there was a mass sighting of strange celestial objects in Nuremburg, Germany. The sighting occurred on April 14, 1561 starting at around 5 AM. Descriptions from multiple residents of Nuremburg included seeing an aerial battle between celestial objects shaped like spheres, crosses, crescents, and other shapes, followed by the appearance of a huge black, triangle object shaped "like the head of a spear." Witnesses also reported hearing a loud crash outside of town.

20th Century Phoenix Lights Alien Craft Sightings

In the mid-1990s, citizens of the city of Phoenix, Arizona reported seeing red-orange lights appearing near the city above the Sonoran Desert. The lights were in a v-shaped formation that seemed to be outline a black triangle-shaped UFO or a boomerang-shaped alien craft. The mass sighting (from more than 700 people) occurred on March 13, 1997 at around 7 PM. More than 700 people reported seeing the phenomena within a 300-mile radius of the city. They described watching the silent, slow-moving black, triangular craft or the triangular formation of lights in two distinct waves. In the first wave, the lights were apparently passing over the area, and in the second wave, the lights appeared to hover in formation over Phoenix. Witnesses suggested the triangular pattern of lights surrounded a solid object, because it blocked the night sky above it as it passed. Dr. Lynne Kitei published the book and documentary called The Phoenix Lights. The US Airforce claimed the second set of lights came from a plane releasing flares, which hovered in the sky.

Additional Black Triangle UFO Sightings

The above are two of the most significant black triangle UFO sightings, of which there have been many. Across centuries and particularly within the last 30 to 40 years, these sightings have been consistent in their reports of silent black triangles that move slowly, block out the sky, and have the ability to hover without making noise. Reports have come from all around the world, including in Europe, Canada, and the United States. The National UFO Reporting Center (NUFOC) maintains a database of reports of triangle-shaped UFOs that you can browse to see how common the black triangle UFO phenomenon is.

Theories About Black Triangle UFOs

Many theories exist about UFOs shaped like black triangles.

Gaseous Formations

The UK military's Project Condign suggested these UFOs are the result of "atmospheric gaseous electrically charged buoyant plasmas." This could explain the lights and the silent or hovering nature of the objects, but it fails to account for all aspects of the sightings.


Starting in 1989, there was a wave of black, triangular UFOs that appeared over Belgium. Thousands of people witnessed the black triangle UFOs over a period of a few years, and they even appeared on military radar when they weren't visible to the naked eye. One of the military's explanation for these UFOs (as well as for the Phoenix Lights sightings) was that UFOs were simply helicopters or aircraft flying in formation, although UFO theorists suggest this is not an adequate explanation because the black triangular UFOs are often described as being completely silent, and helicopters are most definitely not.

Confirmation Bias

Some psychologists have suggested that the mass sightings of such UFOs are caused by confirmation bias, the quirk of human perception in which, because you expect to see something, you see it. Author Philip Klass explained confirmation bias as an explanation for UFOs in his book UFOs: The Public Deceived. This has been a suggested cause of many of the mass triangle UFO sightings, such as Phoenix Lights and the Belgium UFO clusters.

Bragg's Scattering

Bragg's Law is a physical law. It's essentially a form of atmospheric interference, and it can be visible on radar. In other words, the explanation for the visibility of such crafts on aircraft surveillance may simply be a result of a certain type of atmospheric interference. In Belgium, investigators felt much of the evidence from the interaction of aircraft with the phenomenon point to the likelihood of this explanation.

Experimental Human Aircraft

Another possible explanation is that what people are witnessing are super secret, triangular shaped experimental aircraft, most likely made by the military or governments.

Alien Ships

Of course, many people witnessing black triangle UFOs and having other UFO sightings believe that what they are seeing is evidence of alien civilizations; that is, beings from other planets traveling in Earth airspace as silent, triangular black ships.

Time Will Tell

Black, triangle-shaped UFOs continue to appear not only in US airspace, but in countries around the world. And with only eyewitness accounts and some indistinct photographs and videos, as well as with the probable development of supersecret aircraft by governments around the world, it's unlikely that humanity will understand beyond a shadow of a doubt what this phenomenon is unless one lands in front of news cameras and the inhabitants of the craft tell everyone what the craft is, who they are, and what they are doing. Until that time, people will continue to record evidence and consider theories that range from alien spacecraft to logical, earthly explanations.

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Black Triangle UFO Sightings and Encounters