Cube-Shaped UFO: Rare (and Controversial) Sightings

Updated April 20, 2021
Astronaut and glowing alien cube

The sightings of a cube UFO aren't as prominent as other types of UFO sightings, but they do happen. The handful of sightings that have been supposedly captured on camera or video are controversial and often declared to be hoaxes.

Photos of Unusual Cube UFO

In 2015, the most profound images of a supposed cube-shaped UFO were posted on the YouTube channel Secureteam10. The owner of the channel, Tyler Glockner, features various photos and videos sent to him. He states that he received two submissions of these oddly shaped UFOS that appeared within dark forming clouds.

This video episode explores the two June 2015 submissions by different people, a man and a woman who claim to have witnessed a cube-shaped UFO during their separate returns from lunch to their office jobs in El Paso, Texas. The unusual object appears to come out of what is described as a black wormhole or some other type of space portal. The object then hovers for a moment and travels away at a steady speed.

Both witnesses caught a glimpse of the start of strange cloud activity, such as a hole or portal shape forming in the clouds. The first eyewitness submitted his photos under the name of Walter C. Lens. Reports of black cubic shaped UFOs have been increasing over the years, with very few photos catching these objects.

Walter claimed he was returning from lunch to his office in El Paso when an opening in the clouds caught his attention. Intent on capturing the odd cloud formation, he whipped out his cellphone to snap a couple of shots when a dark squarish shape emerged from the opening in the clouds. Reports of cube UFOs commonly describe a dark hole punched into the clouds and soon after the emergence of the box-like UFO.

In the video, Tyler narrates that another witness, a woman, captured the same UFO in a photo while returning from lunch to her El Paso office. She tells Tyler that at first she thought the dark object emerging from the cloud cover was a balloon. When the object became clearer, she recognized it was a black cube. As if this wasn't strange enough, she realized the odd UFO had various designs all over it. The witness claimed that while watching the square object hovering above her, she could hear a mechanical humming sound coming from it.

Is That Glowing Rectangle an Alien Cube Ship?

In April 2021, Scott C Waring from UFO Sightings Daily posted a video he captured of a glowing shape in the clouds. The video was recorded from the NASA live stream broadcasted from the ISS (International Space Station). In the video, the glowing shape in the clouds appears to be reflecting the sun. The shimmering shape is unmistakable and is seen hovering among the clouds below the orbiting ISS.

SOHO Images Said to Reveal Cube UFO

In another video, Scott C. Waring claims he's discovered a square-shaped UFO that is larger than Earth orbiting the Sun. Using the SOHO probe images via a NASA app, he combs through images taken of the Sun. In 2011, Waring revealed on his YouTube channel how he periodically sees UFOs as they orbit the Sun.

In the same video, Waring claims to have found a black cube UFO orbiting the Sun. The photo captured by the SOHO probe reveals a dark one-dimensional square that some viewers argue could simply be a NASA insert to block out something else. It's rumored that NASA claims the square is nothing more than missing data that happens with SOHO recordings and isn't anything unique, much less alien.

The UFOmania YouTube channel features a March 2019 SOHO image that claims to be a Gigantic UFO. The description claims the UFO features inscriptions and some kind of decorative graphic all over the outside hull. Some comments on the YouTube channel claim the graphics are simple pixelated images pasted over each other in a hoax attempt. The channel features a link to Helioviewer so you can explore various recent and archived videos.

Cube-Shaped UFO With Pink Lights Frightens North Carolina Man

In September 2018, a North Carolina man took photos of a square UFO hovering in the stormy night sky near Kings Mountain. The UFO was outlined by pink strips of lights. The man told the Charlotte Observer newspaper that he was attempting to capture photos of the encroaching storm, fearing it was a tornado, until he saw the massive cubic shape with lights. He stated that he was so frightened by his encounter that he was unable to sleep that night.

Multiple Rectangle-Shaped UFOs Over North Texas

In 2018, UFOsAboveUS posted a video of several rectangle UFOs flying through wispy cloud-cover. The beginning of the video is at regular speed. You can see a dark flying object blip across the screen because it is moving so fast. However, as the videographer begins to slow down the video at different speeds, you begin to see another object. The slower the feed becomes, the more rectangle objects you can see.

Did a Storm Attract This Rectangle UFO and Flying Humanoid?

On July 23, 2015, Mysterious Universe website posted an anonymous submission of another odd UFO. The website information states the witness claimed the black rectangle UFO emerged from the clouds during a storm in June. While attempting to take another photo, the witness's cellphone camera froze. This is all the information that was given about the photo and the supposed eyewitness.

However, a second photo of another strange image was taken on July 20, 2015. The dark image appears to have a tail and wispy wings. Some speculate that it is a humanoid, while others believe it is a very large bird. Still, others point out it is most likely a photo/camera anomaly.

Attempted Abduction of a Child by Strange Cube UFO

In a YouTube video, UFO researcher Chris Rutkowski discusses a cube UFO incident with CTV. He explains that on June 30, 1967, a group of children were playing when they noticed a box-like UFO hovering nearby. The UFO moved over the children. Suddenly, one of the children began to levitate off the ground, rising toward the black cube-shaped object. The other children grabbed onto her legs and feet and pulled her back to the ground. The discussion of this bizarre incident begins at 2:18.

Are Claims Real?

Since there have been so few claims of cube-shaped UFOs, many UFOlogists remain skeptical that the ones revealed are real. The similarity to the science fiction Borg cubes from the Star Trek series is off-putting to many serious-minded researchers.

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Cube-Shaped UFO: Rare (and Controversial) Sightings