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Cube-Shaped UFO Sightings

Sally Painter
Astronaut and glowing alien cube

Sightings of cube-shaped UFO aren't as prominent as other types of UFO sightings. The handful that have been supposedly captured by camera or video are controversial and often declared to be hoaxes.

Cellphone Photos of Cube UFO

The most profound images of a supposed cube-shaped UFO were posted on the YouTube channel Secureteam10. The owner of the channel, Tyler Glockner, features various photos and videos sent to him. He states that he vetts the senders as best he can and then features the submissions in various video summaries and often analyses them.

Video of Cube-Shaped UFO in Texas

This video episode explores two June 2015 submissions by different people, a man and a woman who claim to have witnessed a cube-shaped UFO during their separate returns from lunch to their office jobs in El Paso, Texas. Secureteam10 video of the cube UFO photos submitted to the YouTube channel:

Dark Cube Lurking in Clouds

Both witnesses caught a glimpse of start cloud activity, such as a hole or portal shape forming in the clouds. The first eyewitness submitted his photos under the name of Walter C. Lens.

Three Photos of Dark Cube UFO

Walter claimed he was returning from lunch to his office in El Paso when an opening in the clouds caught his attention. Intent on capturing the odd cloud formation, he wiped out his cellphone to snap a couple of shots when a dark cube emerged from the opening in the clouds.

Woman Sees Same Dark Cube

Tyler narrates that another witness, a woman, also captured the same UFO in a photo while returning from lunch to her El Paso office. She tells Tyler that at first she thought the dark object emerging form cloud cover was a balloon. When the object became clearer, she recognize it was a cube and featured designs around it. She also noted a magnetic oscillation that seemed to hum around the object in the sky.

Borg-Like Cube UFO

These and other cube photos of supposed UFOs have a frightening resemblance to the TV series, Star Trek Borg cubes. In the TV series, the Borg are cyberborgs that assimilate every species they encounter to become part of their hive mind collective.

Another Cube UFO Photo

On July 23, 2015, Mysterious Universe website posted an anonymous submission of another cube UFO. The website information states the witness claimed the cube UFO emerged from the clouds during a storm. While attempting to take another photo, the witness's cellphone camera froze. This is all the information that was given about the photo and the supposed eyewitness.

SOHO Images Said to Reveal Cube UFO

Scott C. Waring claims he's discovered a cube UFO that is larger than Earth orbiting the Sun. Using the SOHO probe images via a NASA app, he combs through images taken of the Sun. In 2011, Waring revealed on his YouTube channel how he periodically sees UFOs as they orbit the Sun.

Giant Cube-Shaped UFO Orbiting Sun

In the same video, Waring claims to have found a black cube UFO orbiting the Sun. The photo captured by the SOHO probe reveal a dark one-dimensional cube that some viewers argue could simply be a NASA insert to block out something else.

YouTube Video SOHO Image

The UFOmania YouTube channel features a March 2019 SOHO image that claims to be a Gigantic UFO. The description claims the UFO features inscriptions and some kind of decorative graphic. Some comments on the YouTube channel claim the graphics are simple pixelated images pasted over each other.

The channel features a link to Helioviewer so you can explore various recent and archived videos.

1967 Cube UFO Attempted Abduction

UFO researcher Chris Rutkowski discussed a cube UFO incident with CTV. He explains that on June 30, 1967 a group of children were playing when they noticed a cube-like UFO hovering nearby. The cube moved over the children. One of the children began to levitate off the ground rising toward the cube. The other children grabbed onto her legs and feet and pulled her back to the ground. The cube UFO incident discussion begins at 2:18:

Are Sightings and Claims of Cube-Shaped UFOs Real?

Since there have been so few claims of cube-shaped UFOs, many UFOlogists remain skeptical the ones revealed are real. The similarity to the science fiction Borg cubes is off-putting to many serious-minded researchers.

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Cube-Shaped UFO Sightings