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How to Get Area 51 Jobs: Facts, Types, and Requirements

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The first criterion on how to get a job at the famous secret military base located at Area 51 in Nevada, is a security clearance. There are a few steps you'll need to take before you can get your foot in the door to one of the most protected and secretive military bases in the world.

How Difficult Is It to Get Area 51 Jobs?

It may be difficult to get an Area 51 job located near Groom Lake and around 80 miles north/northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada, if you don't know where to find such job listings. Using one of the job websites that specialize in jobs that require clearance is one way. If you are in the military with a security clearance, you can use channels not available to civilians to ferret out these jobs. Another venue is to search private defense company job boards.


AECOM is an infrastructure firm and in 2018 posted the first position ever advertised for around Area 51. The posting was for a pilot to make the daily flights of the not so secret Janet Air (Just Another Non-Existent Terminal). This is the only position openly advertised for Area 51.

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ClearanceJobs Website

One of the more popular websites is ClearanceJobs. The website advertises that it's the largest catering to those with federal government security clearance. The website boasts you will find nearly 50,000 security clearance jobs from a little over 1,700 pre-screened hiring companies. These positions are in various states and possibly other countries.

Spark Group

Sparks Group advertises as a security clearance recruiting firm. Its speciality is staffing/recruiting for highly sensitive areas that require staff with security clearances. These positions may be located at a government facility or could be at a government contractor's worksite.

Types of Security Clearance Jobs

You can find all kinds of open jobs that require clearance. Some are with federal agencies while others are through the private sector serving the military.

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Register to Upload Your Resume

To register and upload your resume, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a US citizen.
  • You had a job in the past two years that required a clearance level.
  • You currently have an active or current clearance.

Types of Jobs That Require Security Clearance

Since Area 51 is such a highly guarded base, knowing exactly which jobs might be available is impossible.However, you can assume certain career fields may lend themselves to the rumored type of work that goes on at Area 51.

Operational, Support and Service Jobs

You can assume that a military base requires a fairly large support personnel that might be compromised of military and civilians. Most military personnel may live on the base, while others and civilians live in the Las Vegas area and commute every day via the short hop flights run by Janet Air.

Some of the possible positions include:

  • Janitorial to provide cleaning services throughout the facilities, such as washing floors, bathroom cleaning, trash collection, kitchen and dining areas.
  • Food services would need kitchen workers and dining hall, such as cooks, food preparations, cafeteria style service, bussing of tables and dish washing,
  • Facilities operation is charged with keeping all the building machinery and equipment in working order as well as the ground upkeep.
  • Administrative and office positions might include office workers in all departments that could include clerical, admin, logistics and supplies, materials, accounting, and other departements.

Other Possible Area 51 Jobs

There are other possible jobs available at Area 51. These range from specialized disciplines in science and technology, while other are more practical considerations.

  • Science and technology positions might include IT software and hardware development, systems engineers,
  • Aerospace and Aviation positions would most likely require personnel with advanced skills, experience and knowledge.
  • Security personnel might range from facility and cyber security and various military law enforcement.

Nondisclosure Agreement

You will need to sign a nondisclosure agreement irrespective of your security clearance level. This is a legally binding document that will outline in detail what you cannot disclose. It's reasonable to assume that a secretive base such as Area 51 has an all inclusive nondisclosure agreement that means you simply cannot talk about any aspect of your job, including Janet Air transportation.

Working at Area 51 and Required Security Clearance

It probably goes without saying that you will most likely need some kind of clearance level to work at a highly secretive location such as Area 51. The type of job you land will determine the level of security clearance you'll need. Applying for security clearance for federal jobs will be part of the process you're walked through by human resources.

Security Clearance Levels

There are several security clearance levels for federal jobs. The type of clearance you'll need depends on the job and type of information you'll have access. If you're required to have a national security clearance level, agents will interview the people you are living with or have lived with in the past. Your coworkers and supervisors will also be interviewed by federal agents. The typical time frame of your past history that is investigated is the last seven years.

TOP SECRET and Confidential

Low-Level Security Clearance

For jobs that don't grant you access to information that could threaten national security, these are designated as low-level security clearances. The two security levels are non-sensitive and public trust. These positions usually only require the verification of your application history. This is a routine past employer check to verify you worked where you claim.

Confidential Security Clearance Level

This level of clearance will require re-investigating you every 15 years. This level means you'll have access to information that could harm or threaten National security were you to illegally share the information.

Secret Security Clearance Level

This level of clearance will require re-investigating you every 10 years. At this level you have access to a higher level of information that could harm or threaten National security should you disclose it.

Top Secret

At this highest security clearance level you'll be re-investigated every five years. This level of clearance means you'll have access to information that can cause "exceptionally grave damage to national security" were you to illegally disclose it.

Interim Security Clearance

An interim security clearance is granted when requested so you can have a temporary clearance within a few weeks of your security package submission. As long as everything checks out, your final clearance will be less than 90 days. This type of clearance means you can work on classified projects on a strictly temporary basis.

How to Get Security Clearance

The only way you can get a security clearance is through a federal agency. When you apply for a job with any of these agencies, you must go through a vetting process that includes a security clearance investigation. This can include questionnaires sent to family and friends that must be returned promptly to ensure your vetting process moves forward.

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Higher Security Clearance Levels Equal Greater Scrutiny

Depending on the level of security clearance you're applying for, you and those connected to you might be required to undergo background checks that are more thorough the higher the level of clearance. If you're a private person and are uncomfortable with your life being examined and becoming an open book, then this isn't the type of job you'll enjoy.

The federal agencies that provide security clearance include:

  • Civilian military agencies: These include the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Defense Security Service.
  • Diplomatic agencies: These include the State Department and the United States Agency for International Development.
  • Federal law enforcement agencies: These include the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).
  • Intelligence community: This includes agencies such as, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and National Security Agency (NSA)

How to Get Area 51 Jobs: Understanding Facts, Types, and Requirements

Area 51 is a highly secretive military base known for it high security. You'll need a security clearance to qualify for most of the jobs at this mysterious military base.

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How to Get Area 51 Jobs: Facts, Types, and Requirements