Common Insectoid Aliens Traits & Troubling Encounters

Green praying mantis

Frightening insectoid aliens are prominent in reports of human abductions by aliens. This extraterrestrial is often described as being part of an entourage of an insectoid alien species in certain abduction scenarios.

Insectoid Aliens: Traits and Characteristics

The praying mantis insectoid aliens are tall creatures that resemble their Earth insect counterpart. Eyewitnesses describe them as being brown, although a few have encountered green ones with oily skin. Additionally, witnesses report:

  • Long-segmented exoskeleton with spindly back legs
  • Bent front legs angled in familiar praying position of praying mantis insects
  • Triangle-shaped heads supported by long neck
  • Spooky red eyes
  • 6' to 7' tall
Gigantic winged bug on the outer space

Abductees Report That Insectoid Aliens Wear Odd Clothing

Perhaps one of the oddest sights of these insectoid aliens is how some of them wear long flowing robes. Abductees describe various colors that imply the colors might be linked to rank. Others, perhaps lower ranking insectoids, don't wear any clothing.

Do Praying Mantis Aliens Have Shapeshifting Abilities?

The praying mantis aliens are said to have the ability to shapeshift. Eyewitnesses claim these insectoid aliens first appear to them as humans. Gradually, each human morphed into a very tall praying mantis.

Theory of Insectoid Alien Mind Control

The insectoid aliens may not have shapeshifting abilities. Some alien theorists believe the transformation from human shape to praying mantis is just an illusion and is more of a mind-control skill. The insectoid aliens might project a less intimidating human form to stave off any panic that their true praying mantis form would cause. Donning the human form ensures the insectoid alien meets less resistance from their human victims.

Reported Encounters With Insectoid Aliens

The idea of insectoid aliens comes from both popular culture (such as anime, books, video games, and television) as well as from reports of people claiming to be alien abductees or encounterers.

California Hypnotherapy Reveals Insectoid Encounter

A 2016 Daily Mail feature has a strange story of a group of California psychologists conducting a hypnosis session when the client began channeling an alien identified as Hands. The entity claimed to be from Alpha Centauri and was a Cenos, which is a praying mantis type of insectoid with eight hands and several hearts standing eight feet tall. The psychologists stated the entity was very childlike and lovable. Hands claimed to have a life expectancy of 120 years.

UFO Beaming up a Man

Photo May Show Insectoid Alien Walking on Earth

The Taipei Times evaluated the 2012 photo of a translucent figure appearing to be an insectoid alien. In fact, the image was shown on local TV stations. The image was reportedly taken at Jiaming Lake in Taiwan and released by a local UFO group. The researchers described the alien as a praying mantis.

Artist Writes of Fathering Hybrid Aliens

The praying mantis insectoid is often described by those claiming to be abductees as being in charge of the Greys. These smaller aliens known as the Greys are often described as being little more than drones or possibly some type of alien robot. The mantis is clearly in charge and usually the one conducting the examinations. According to abductee and artist David Huggins, the insectoid alien that has a praying mantis appearance is the overseer. David's book, Love in an Alien Purgatory: The Life and Fantastic Art of David Huggins reveals his incredulous association with aliens and that he's fathered 60 alien hybrid children.

New York Woman Loses Time After Encountering Insectoid

In 2019, a New York woman reported to MUFON that she'd had an encounter with a 6' tall mantis alien one night while in her backyard shed. She also reported lost time but had no memory of being abducted.

Insectoids in Ancient Aliens Mythology

Ancient Alien and UFO theorists hypothesize that the insectoids are a remnant species from ancient times. This theory comes from tribal oral history of Native Americans and also African folklore. These stories hold the praying mantis in reverence, as though they were gods that are said to have given humans tools and skills.

J-Rod and Ancient Aliens TV Series on Insectoid Humans

In an episode of the History Channel's Ancient Aliens, the story of insectoid humans is revealed. The TV show explains that in the future, there is a cataclysmic event that splits the human species into two separate species, with one going underground to survive. The underground humans eventually morphed into insectoid humans. Supposedly, an insectoid alien named J-Rod was recovered from a crashed UFO. The alien claimed to be from Earth's future. The episode reveals that J-Rod has worked with the US government ever since his capture by assisting in the development of technology.

Frightening Abductions and Insectoid Alien Encounters

The various stories of medical examinations performed by the mantis aliens lead many alien researchers to believe these creatures are part of an alien hybridization program. The praying mantis aliens take DNA from their abductees to create a new alien hybrid that is part alien and part human. There is a great deal of speculation about why insectoid aliens would need a hybridization species, particularly with a race so different from their own.

Theories About Alien Hybridization Programs

Some UFOlogist and alien theorists believe the Insectoids may be attempting to create a new alien form to ensure their own species survives. Others believe these beings are simply experimenting with humans in the same way some humans experiment on Earth animals.

DNA and petri dish

Ways That Insectoid Aliens Communicate

Abductees have observed several ways that Insectoids communicate with them. They've also reported how the insectoids communicate with each other.

Telepathic Communication Between Insectoids Aliens and Abductees

Abductees claim the insectoid mantis communicates with them telepathically. Another way commonly reported is through the use of holographic imagery. These images are usually about how humankind is or can potentially destroy Earth.

Mantis Aliens Make Terrifying Clicking Sounds

Abductees report that the mantis also communicates orally with other aliens using a series of clicking sounds. These freakish sounds are often depicted in alien movies, such as in the 2002 sci-fi thriller, Signs.

Brown praying mantis

Insectoid Alien Characteristics and Human Encounters

The encounters that humans have with Insectoid aliens appear to reveal some of the odd characteristics. Depending on the abductee, these creatures are either benevolent or malevolent.

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