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Popular Area 51 Tours

Sally Painter
Extraterrestrial Highway

If you're visiting Nevada, be sure to check out some of the popular tours of Area 51. You just may have your own close encounter with a UFO.

Las Vegas Area 51 Tour

If you're looking for an all-inclusive tour, Adventure Tours' Las Vegas Area 51 Tour might be it. The tour's luxury 4 x 4 picks you up at your hotel at 7:00 am and returns you around 5:00 pm.

View of Janet Airlines

This 10-hour tour first travels to the Las Vegas International Airport so you can view the infamous Janet Airlines. It's believed Janet Airlines serves Area 51. However, Area 51 researchers state Janet Airlines isn't listed anywhere as a business. In fact, its fleet of jets are said to have no identifying markers. It's through stories told by people claiming to have worked at Area 51, such as Bob Lazar, who is often credited as the first to expose the Janet fleet. This secret fleet supposedly transports hundreds of Area 51 workers on a daily basis.

Petroglyphs of Aliens

The Area 51 Tour next visits the ancient site of a dry lake that features Native American rock petroglyphs. The ancient drawings depict alien looking entities. It shouldn't be surprising that the dry lake has been the scene of numerous UFO sightings.

Travel Extraterrestrial Highway

Your tour leaves the dry lake to travel down the Extraterrestrial Highway to the iconic and famous Little A'le' Inn. You can go inside, order an Alien Burger and purchase a souvenir or two. If you feel Little A'le' Inn looks familiar, that's because it was featured in the movie Independence Day as well as numerous Area 51 documentaries.

Extraterrestrial Highway, Nevada

Black Mailbox

Your next stop along the Extraterrestrial Highway is the famous Black Mailbox. This is located between Rachel and Alamo, Nevada. This site was made famous when Bob Lazar claimed he took people to the spot so they could witness UFOs flying overhead. UFO enthusiasts quickly seized the area for meetups. Unfortunately, the owner of the mailbox, Steve Medlin, endured all kinds of vandalism to the mailbox and even mail theft. He finally erected a smaller mailbox marked "Alien" to deter visitors from defacing his mailbox. It worked until 2015 when the Alien mailbox disappeared. However, he since replaced it.

Mailbox for aliens in desert

Edge of Area 51 and Joshua Tree Forest

After visiting the Black Mailbox, your tour journeys to the outer perimeter of Area 51. Surrounded by the strange, twisted trees of Joshua Tree Forest, the road is blocked and this is as far as anyone is allowed to go. Signage and the unmarked vehicles parked on nearby hillsides deter would-be trespassers. The signs warn that "Use of Deadly Force" is authorized for anyone trying to enter this military zone, so this is as far as your Area 51 tour will go before taking you back to your hotel.

Night sky above joshua trees

Food, Drinks and Cost

You can expect lunch, snacks and unlimited bottled water. The cost of the tour is around $295 plus tax, but if you book the tour online, the cost is $199 plus tax per person.

Reviews From Tour Attendees

Tour attendees were pleased and thrilled with the tour. They all felt their tour guide was exceptional and provided them with a fun day. Just a few examples include:

  • One person wrote, "Loved every moment of our tour. Was a small group tour which makes it all the more special."
  • "This is a fun tour whether you're chasing aliens or not," according to another attendee.
  • Cost may be a drawback for some, but one person did mention that this was "An amazing tour well worth the money!"

This is one of the more affordable tours, so make sure you book online to garner your savings.

UFO Watch & Night Vision Goggle Tour

If you want a nighttime UFO adventure, then the UFO Watch & Night Vision Goggle Tour is ideal for you. This tour is led by Miesha who claims to be a lifelong UFO contactee. Known for her 20 years as a facilitator for groups aimed at connecting experiencers, she is the host of two weekly Zoom support groups. Her credentials include certification as a hypnotist and specializes in past life regressions and ET contact experiences. She's authored several books about her experiences and work in the UFO abductee arena.

Skywatching and UFOs

If you choose to participate in the Miesha's tour, she'll take you to one of three UFO observation sites. Miesha provides each tour participant with military grade Generation 3 night vision goggles. Participants are also given high-powered lasers that are used to signal UFOs.

Provisions for Nighttime UFO Hunt

Chairs and blankets are provided to tour attendees, although you should dress warmly to withstand the cold nighttime desert temperatures. Miesha provides attendees with bottled water or during the cold months, she might just serve you hot chocolate.

Miesha UFO Stories

Miesha also entertains her tour groups with her own stories of ET encounters as well as others. For a real treat, she gives each guest a complimentary intuitive reading stated to have a $50 value.

Cost and Length of Tour

The tour last about three hours. The time factor is dependent upon the weather and UFO activity. Participants will meet up with Miesha in their own vehicles at a designated place to follow her to the observation site. The maximum number of attendees is six. There's no charge for children 10-years-old and under. However, infants, pets and toddlers aren't eligible to attend. The cost of the tour is around $75 per person.

Reviews From Tour Attendees

According to reviews of the tour on the website, attendees are very pleased with their experiences. Some of the comments include:

  • "The UFO sighting experience was better than we expected."
  • "We saw several objects some of which appeared to be synchronized in their movements, extraterrestrial??"
  • "We definitely saw the night sky through different 'eyes'."

Due to the aforementioned age restrictions, this may not be the best tour for families with very young children.

Private Area 51 Tour

If you prefer a private tour, Las Vegas to Area 51 Tour is for you. This is a full-day tour that starts at 6:30 am when the luxury limo arrives at your hotel. Your private tour guide will take you to various desert locations where you'll hear stories of alien encounters, UFO sightings and the local history. You'll travel in style. The tour features an air-conditioned, luxury, high-top van featuring captain chairs, onboard wifi, and a TV. In addition to lunch, you're provided snacks and bottled water. The agenda for your tour includes:

  • Furnace Creek Oasis and the Visitor Center: Take a glimpse of the desert golf course and then purchase a couple of souvenirs before heading out.
  • Death Valley National Park offers you an exclusive private tour.
  • Death Valley Nut & Candy means lots of snack choices while the bus is filled with gas.
  • The tour bus ride along The Extraterrestrial (or ET) Highway to Rachel, home of Little A'Le'Inn Bar Restaurant and Motel.
  • Area 51 is a stop you'll remember from the large No Trespassing signs that threatened six months imprisonment to violators along with the warning that authorizes deadly force.
  • The Black Mailbox and then on to the Alien Research Center that features a giant alien statue as well as souvenirs for sale.
Little A'Le'Inn Sign

Costs and Tour Information

This private tour costs around $395 per person with a minimum of two passengers. You can have a maximum of eight in your group.

Reviews From Tour Attendees

Those who indulge in this luxurious private tour are very pleased. Some of the comments on the booking website include:

  • "OMG, where do I start. It all began with the FIRST CLASS treatment by our guide, Erwin Kollegger!"
  • "The views of death valley were amazing, from the mountain ranges to the salt flats, and Erwin explained about the towns, structures, land and mountain formations, fauna, and wildlife that we encountered."
  • "Transportation is luxurious lunch was provided plus water and snacks even assisted with photos."

Again, cost may be an issue for some who are concerned about the budget when visiting Area 51.

Planet XV for UFO Sighting Tours

Planet XV offers skywatching opportunities at one of three well-known locations where UFO activity has been reported. Depending on the weather and road conditions, you'll visit one of three designated sites:

  • Site 1: Nuclear Testing Site, Area 51 and Area S4
  • Site 2: Jean Dry Lakebed Observation Post
  • Site 3: Mt Charleston Lookout

Tour Time, Equipment Provided, and Tour Cost

The limo bus tour begins 2.5 hours prior to sunset and lasts six hours. This gives you 2.5 hours of skywatching for UFO activity. Travel time also includes two 30-minute pit stops. The cost is around $219 per person (Tuesday and Wednesday) or $319 per person cost (Thursday through Monday). Custom tours are available. Participants must be 18 years or older.

Provided to participants:

  • Light snacks
  • Bottled water
  • High-energy lasers
  • Military grade night vision goggles
  • Extreme lowlight video camera feed

Reviews From Tour Attendees

Tour attendees express their enthusiasm and excitement over the tour. Some of the comments include:

  • One person noted the amount of things happening while visiting, saying, "Fantastic tour, we were very lucky and seen lots of activity."
  • This is another expensive tour, but one person noted that it was "Worth every penny."
  • Equipment seems to be a benefit on this tour, as one person wrote, "The things we saw whilst using his amazing military standard night vision goggles I will never forget...craft traveling at amazing speeds and altitude."

Popular Tours of UFO Famous Area 51

Some of the tours you'll find available for Area 51 offer you nighttime opportunities to witness UFO activity. Other tours take you to various famous locations in the area surround Area 51.

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Popular Area 51 Tours