What Are Reptilian Aliens? Tales From Across the Globe

Updated June 15, 2021
Reptilian humanoid alien

Reptilian aliens are a race of extraterrestrials said to work with the U.S. government. They are prominently featured in UFO and abduction stories. Some conspiracy theories even claim the U.S. government and military are run by these reptile-like humanoid aliens. So, what are reptilian aliens and is there proof of their existence? And more importantly, have reptilian aliens truly infiltrated highest levels of government?

They Have a Powerful Appearance

The reptilian aliens are supposedly a type of bipedal humanoid about 6'-7' tall and would put any body builder to shame with their powerful, muscular physique. Their skin is green to greenish-gray and scaley. With a decidedly reptilian face, their vertical-shaped pupils are menacing and mesmerizing. Those claiming to have seen a reptilian or been abducted by one often describe them as resembling a snake or lizard.

They are said to:

  • Be able to see great distances
  • Posses keen hearing
  • Need warmth
  • Have low blood pressure

Reptilian Aliens Possess Supernatural Powers

Believers say this extraterrestrial race has supernatural powers, including psychic abilities, that they've used to overtake the U.S. government. Their most prominent power is their ability to shapeshift. Eyewitnesses claim that reptilian aliens can shapeshift into any form and can look like any person they desire. It's said they shapeshifted their way to infiltrating the United States government.

Half human - half alien woman

It's reported by those who claim to be alien abductees that the reptilians are psychic. Their overpowering telepathic abilities allow them to control their human preys' minds.

Lizard Aliens Harvest Humans

Black Ops contractor and geologist turned whistleblower, the late Phil Schneider, claimed that reptilian aliens live in underground bases with the U.S. military and other alien races. Schneider had a government security clearance Level 1 while he was building DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases).

Swamp Monster lurking in the water

He held multiple events at various UFO conferences where he described his experiences with Reptilian and other types of aliens. He wrote in a UFO Digest article that these aliens replace abductees' memories of their terrifying abductions with the memory of it being nothing more than a nightmare.

One of the most disturbing aspect of Schneider's claims was that Reptilians eat humans and drink human blood. According to Schneider, the reptilian aliens harvest the glandular secretions of humans and animals for nutrition. The adrenal gland is especially favored since it provides the aliens with adrenochrome, which is like cocaine to them and just as addictive. He also stated that the alien agenda is the decimation of the planet's population by 2029, so the aliens can take over the planet and enslave the remaining population.

Babylonian Brotherhood Controls the World

Schneider isn't the only one who claimed reptilian aliens are here on Earth and are engaged in nefarious activities against humanity. David Icke is known for his Draco reptilian alien theory. Icke believes the Reptilian aliens, also known as Archons, are from the constellation Draco. He further claims that the Dracos govern Earth from the moon, which he declares is a hollow reptilian base. The Dracos created an Archon hybrid race using human DNA, and these hybrids are called the Babylonian Brotherhood.

According to Icke, the Brotherhood is the Illuminati, or elite population, that controls the global wars and economy. Icke claims these crises are designed to keep humans in perpetual fear so these inter-dimensional Reptilians can feed off the negative heightened energy. Anger is also another emotion that is used as food for the Reptilians.

Anunnaki Enslaved Humans

The late Zecharia Sitchin investigated ancient Sumerian text that talked about a race known as the Anunnaki. He believed the Anunnaki were a reptilian alien race that hailed from a 13th planet, Nibiru. These aliens somehow genetically manipulated and enslaved humans to mine gold.

Ancient Texts Mention Shapeshifting Reptilian Beings

Ancient Indian Sanskrit texts talk about the snake people, called the Naga (Nagi -plural). Indian art, monuments, and temple reliefs depict these snake people that look like cobras. These beings were said to have the ability to shapeshift into humans. The Naga snake people are also found in ancient art and texts in Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, and Java.

hand of a lizard

There is even a mention of dragon gods in various Chinese ancient text that shapeshifted into humans. This mythology states that the Chinese emperors were descendants of the Dragon gods.

Tales of Reptilian Aliens

The modern stories of reptilian aliens seem to be based on many of the ancient stories of reptilian gods and Demi-gods. However, the modern reptilian tales depict the aliens as menacing and on a mission to take over the world and enslave all humans who survive this alien agenda.

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What Are Reptilian Aliens? Tales From Across the Globe