Snake-Like UFO Sightings (and Potential Explanations)

Unidentified Flying Objects

A strange snake-like UFO has emerged in recent years, writhing in the sky. People around the world have seen it. Many witnesses and UFOlogists believe these objects are organic since they move in the air like a serpent on the ground. Others postulate there are more rational and logical explanations.

Snake-Like UFO Sightings

The witnesses of snake-like UFOs (sometimes called "sky serpents") state the elongated tube-like objects appear to be alive. They report these objects appear to be huge and extremely long, claiming that the oddly shaped UFOs undulate through the air with serpent-like movements in contorted shapes. UFOlogists speculate that these unique UFOs could be an undiscovered atmospheric worm or snake.

  • The UFOs have been reported as black, gray, or white.
  • A few seen in Mexico were reported as multi-colored.
  • Some snake UFOs are seen in groupings that writhe into various shapes, similar to how a serpent moves.
  • Other sightings are of a lone snake UFO.
Dr. H. Allen Hynek Giving Press UFO Update

What Could a Snake UFO Be?

There is speculation that these objects are of a manmade origin and are being mistaken for a UFO or more aptly, a snake UFO. Some of the explanations include:

  • A special type of weather balloon
  • Balloons tied together to create and perpetuate a hoax
  • Some type of secret military project.

According to ufologist, Jaime Maussan, the odd UFOs are possibly living creatures, dubbed as sky serpents. Maussan has shared many photos and videos at various UFO conferences. A YouTube video of a 2010 conference shows sky serpents that change colors. Maussan discusses the ancient tales of flying serpents in Indian and Chinese folklore.

Evidence and Reports of Sky Serpents

In Mexico, a snake UFO is called EBANI (plural EBANIS). This is an abbreviation for Entita Biologica Aerea Non Identificata, which translates in English to Unidentified Aerial Biological Entity. Whether these UFOs are some kind of biological worm or snake remains to be proven.

EBANI Over California

One YouTuber captured a huge white EBANI that seems to be giving birth in the sky. In this nearly 15-minute video, the EBANI writhes and wiggles about the sky. On two occasions, the EBANI appears to give birth to two small round white objects. A couple of times, the offspring hover around the mother EBANI, but eventually float or fly away. The camera isn't stable, so it's difficult to view, but it's well worth your time to watch and decide for yourself what you think this might be.

Sky Serpents Over U.S. and Ireland

Another YouTube compilation reveals five EBANIS. One was filmed in New York and another in Ireland. The other three videos are believed to have been filmed in the United States. Each of the serpents appears to be the same color and size. The video sightings span a 10-year period.

Florida Sighting

A Reddit member posted a short snake UFO video that her daughter took outside a hotel in Kissimmee, Florida. The object is elongated and undulating against dark clouds. It appears to reflect or emanate brilliant light. The object shimmers and seems to expand with several pulses. The UFO then begins to ascend and disappears into the clouds. The video was made on February 10, 2020 at a hotel located near Polynesian Isle Blvd around 4:15 pm.

Some of the Reddit user comments suggest the snake UFO is actually a rocket launch. This is a popular deduction since launches take place regularly at Cape Canaveral, which is only about 50 miles away. Some of the comments mention that there was a space launch that very day. A few speculate this could be a NASA stratospheric weather balloon launch.

Sightings in Mexico

One YouTube video features various snake UFOs recorded throughout Mexico. The narrators describe how white disc UFOs often accompany or lead the worm-like objects through the sky. They describe how they have occasionally observed the disc UFOs being ejected from the serpent UFOs. They admit they don't know the how or why of the process but speculate the snake UFOs provide some form of access, similar to a wormhole or portal.

Unexplained Lights in Sky

Possible Explanations

There are a few possible explanations for snake-like UFOs including actual snakes, hoaxes, and misidentification.

Rainforest Snakes that Fly

According to The Journal of Experimental Biology, some snakes in the rainforest of Southeast Asia can actually fly nearly 100 feet by slithering in an S-shape. To find out how these snakes can literally fly from one tree to another, a scientific team printed a 3D model.

The team used water since it can have a similar effect as air. In the experiment, it was discovered the snake's body becomes an aerodynamic surface. The snakes generate lift through movement by stretching their bodies to form a circle or semi-circle. In the serpent UFO video from Mexico, the snake-like UFOs make undulating and circular movements in the air.

Institute of Physics' YouTube channel features a compilation of various videos taken of the flying snake, Chrysopelea paradisi. The high speed videos demonstrate the serpent's ability to fly through the air. The movements are eerily similar to those of serpent UFOs.

Discover UK provides a unique and powerful short video of the flying snake. You can watch its movements in the air and quickly understand why many people believe the snake UFOs are biological serpents.

Misidentification of Solar Bags

In searching for explanations for the increase in snake-like UFO sightings, some theorists believe it's simply a case of misidentification. Solar bags are a popular inexpensive teaching tool to explain the power of solar energy. These serpent-like bags are available in 25' and 50' lengths. Students fill the black bags with air and watch as the sun heats the air and bags begin to rise. According to the Steve Spangler website, they tested a few solar bags to see how high an untethered bag could rise. It reached an astounding 120,000 feet!

Accidental or Intentional Hoaxes

Some researchers believe the snake UFOs are sometimes accidental anchor strings breaking under the force of the wind currents or intentional release to perpetuate a hoax of these serpent-like UFOS.

Waves of Snake-Like UFO Sightings

Waves of sightings describing snake-like UFOs appear to be on the rise. More videos and photos seem to substantiate the claims of these eerie types of UFOs.

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