Tall White Aliens: Who Are They & What Do They Look Like?

Updated June 11, 2021
Aliens with lightened skin and hair

Tall White aliens are often confused with Nordic aliens. According to personal accounts, the Tall White aliens are not benevolent beings and are believed to have a hidden agenda. Take a moment to compare a couple descriptions from separate eyewitnesses.

Billy Meier's Description of Tall Whites

Like the Nordic aliens, the Tall Whites are said to be from the Pleiades. However, Swedish alien contactee, Billy Meier, describes the Tall Whites he's had contact with as helpful, benevolent Nordic aliens. This contradicts how other eyewitnesses describe the Tall Whites.

The beings that visit Billy Meier stand anywhere from 7' tall to 10' tall. He describes them as being beautiful humanoids with long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. They have a very strong, athletic physique. Meier's Nordics are concerned about the human race and want to aid in the human spiritual development. They claim to be from the star cluster, Pleiades, and have visited Meier for decades. Many Ufologists believe Meier's aliens are of a Nordic race that is quite different from the frail thin species known as the Tall Whites.

Messier 45, the pleiades

Charles Hall's Tall White Aliens

Charles Hall is a former U.S. Air Force serviceman served as a weather observer at Nellis Air Base Las Vegas, Nevada. Hall claims to have coined the phrase Tall Whites and created a ripple in the UFO community with his story of working with Tall Whites on the U.S. air base. Hall also revealed the U.S. government has corroborated with Tall Whites since the 1950s. Hall's description of Tall Whites is a stark contrast to the benevolent helpful Nordics that Meier and other contactees describe.

According to Hall, humans have an innate natural fear when they are in the presence of Tall Whites. Surprisingly, he discovered the Tall Whites have an equal fear of humans. He has provided the most detailed description of the Tall Whites. Everything about Hall's Tall Whites is in direct contradiction of the Nordic alien descriptions, making them a specifically different alien.

Description of Tall Whites

Hall claims that the Tall Whites have a lifespan of 700 years. Unlike the strong, virile Nordics, the Tall Whites are thin and appear frailer than humans. Their eyes are larger than humans. Unlike the blue-eyed Nordics, the Tall Whites only have blue eyes when they are children. When the male youths mature and become adults, their eyes turn pink. Unlike the blonde Nordics, the Tall White's platinum blonde hair is so thin that it often appears to be translucent.

Until the age of 40, the Tall Whites are around 5'11", but begin to grow and eventually reach an average height around 8', although some can reach 10' tall. The Tall Whites have a very non-human gait. They walk in small shuffle-like steps.

The Tall Whites at first communicated telepathically with Hall. He describes their native tongue sounding like a bird chirping or a dog barking. They can also make sounds that humans can't hear. In addition to their bird chirping/dog barking sounds, the Tall Whites can imitate various human voices.

Hall discusses his meetings and unplanned encounters with the Tall Whites living on the base. He describes how protective the aliens are of their children. They don't allow humans to speak to their children, much less talk to them. Humans aren't allowed to reprimand the children. He is emphatic that to breach these rules would end up with the mother attacking you.

Notable Encounters With Tall Whites

Many of the stories about Tall White aliens place them in a deceptive role. These include tales of them working with Hitler and the Nazis. Another story tells how they attempted to coerce President Eisenhower to disarm the United States of nuclear weapons, by offering their technology in exchange. President Eisenhower refused their offer.

In 2009, a British police sergeant reported seeing three Tall Whites in white outfits searching an open field. When he got out of his vehicle to investigate, he noticed a buzzing of static electricity around the field. When the Tall Whites saw him, they ran away faster than any human or animal could.

Understanding Tall White Aliens

Charles Hall's story about Tall White aliens is the most detailed and profound one told. This and other stories about these aliens seem to corroborate that this species isn't benevolent.

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