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Tall White Aliens’ Origins and Characteristics

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The term Tall White Aliens is often used interchangeably with the term Nordic Aliens. Some stories about these beings imply there are two distinct groups of aliens with different agendas or perhaps it's just one species with a hidden agenda.

Who Are the Tall White Aliens and Where Did They Come From?

The Tall White Aliens are believed to be from the Pleiades, the same star cluster the Nordics are said to call home. However, in the Lacerta Files, an interview with a reptilian alien, it's revealed that the Tall Whites are from a planet just beyond the star cluster.

Tall White Alien Physical Appearance

In a YouTube video interview, author and UFO researcher Richard Dolan described Tall Whites as blonde and intensely telepathic. Dolan states the Tall Whites really don't care for humans and are indifferent toward humans. The is the complete opposite of Billy Meier's description of his Nordic visitors who are benevolent and concerned about humans, wanting to aid in human spiritual development.

(Discussion about Charles Hall and Tall Whites begins at 27:26)

Charles Hall and Tall White Aliens

Charles Hall's description of Tall Whites is in stark contrast to the benevolent helpful Nordics other contactees describe. As a former US Air Force serviceman, Charles Hall stirred the UFO community with his claims of working with Tall Whites, a term he claims he coined. Hall also revealed the US government has corroborated with Tall Whites since the 1950s.

Humans Have a Natural Fear of Tall Whites

Hall reports humans have a natural fear when in the presence of Tall Whites. Surprisingly, he discovered the Tall Whites have an equal fear of humans.

Hall's Description of Tall Whites

Hall gives the most detailed description of the Tall Whites. This perhaps explains why the Tall Whites don't like interacting with humans. This is in direct contradiction of the Nordic alien descriptions.

Some of the Hall's descriptions includes:

  • Lifespan of 700 years
  • 5'11" normal height until around 40 years old start growing
  • Native tongue is similar to bird chirps or dog barks
  • Make sounds humans can't hear imitate animal sounds
  • Bodies are thinner and more frail than humans
  • Larger eyes than humans
  • Blue eyes when young and males' eyes turn pink at adulthood
  • Platinum blonde hair, so thin and blond it often appears as transparent
  • Stand and walk differently than humans, shuffle steps

(In this YouTube video, David Hilton examines satellite images of the area Charles Hall described and more.)

Tall Whites and Their Children

Hall states that Tall Whites are highly protective of their children. Humans aren't allowed to touch a child or speak to the child, especially reprimanding. Hall states the mother will attack you for these acts.

Lacerta Files

The Lacerta Files are 49 pages of a supposed interview with a female Reptilian alien. In the course of describing her origins and species, Lacerta reveals the name of the Tall White Aliens' race is Illojim.

Tall White Aliens Present Themselves as Peaceful Beings

The Reptilian alien claimed their species was the original inhabitants of Earth. The Tall Whites were friendly with the Reptilians in the beginning, until the Reptoids discovered the Tall Whites real agenda was to turn Earth into their private zoo.

Creating the Human Species

Lacerta explained during the interview how the Tall Whites took several thousands of apes and left the planet for a century. When they returned, they released their creation of humans. The Tall Whites re-engineered the DNA in their subjects multiple times creating, destroying and recreating different versions with modern humans being the final result. This story contradicts the Anunnaki stories of how the Anunnaki, referred to as reptilians, created humans.

President Eisenhower and Tall White Aliens

Many of the stories of Tall White Aliens place them in a deceptive role. For example, the story of President Eisenhower's three meeting with aliens suggests that the Tall White Aliens had ulterior motives for demanding Eisenhower agree to a nuclear disarmament in exchange for the technology and spiritual evolution the Tall White Aliens offered.

Edward Snowden and Tall Whites

A 2014 Forbes article discusses the UFO conspiracy theory published by the Iranian news media, Fars News Agency, that claims the documents that Edward Snowden, NSA whistleblower, leaked to the Russians proves the Tall White aliens rule over the United States.

Tall Whites Helped Hitler

The documents supposedly also maintain the Tall Whites helped Hitler rise to power by working with the Nazis. The story also claimed the Russian FSB report corroborated the alien agenda has dictated all US policies, both domestic and foreign, since the end of World War II.

Snowden Leaked Documents on Tall Whites

The Snowden leaked documents supposedly reveal Tall White Aliens assisted Nazi Germans develop their submarine fleet. The infamous story of President Dwight Eisenhower's supposed meeting with the Tall Whites is also recounted.

Global Surveillance Alien Design

Within the Russian FSB report is the discussion of the global electronic surveillance system which Snowden made public and how the Tall Whites control it and their plans for the Final Phase to rule Earth through dominance over the human race.

FBS Warning of Inner Rebellion

According to the Forbes report, the FSB states there is an ongoing war between a rebel force within the US military possibly with an opposing alien species or force.

British Police Officer Encounter with Tall Whites

A July 2009 story tells about an off-duty, unnamed British Police Sergeant observing three Tall Whites dressed in white outfits milling about an open field as though in search of something. The officer got out his vehicle to investigate and noticed static electricity buzzing about the field.

Three Tall White Aliens Run Away

He called out to the threesome but was completely ignored until he stepped into the field. The three suddenly noticed him and ran away from him. The officer stated the three tall beings moved at an unusually unhuman fast pace.

Deciphering the Tall White Aliens' Origins and Characteristics

The Tall White aliens described by eyewitnesses contrast sharply with Billy Meier and other accounts of more humanlike benevolent Nordic aliens. Whether it is simply a difference in terminology or possibly two different species or groups, the Tall Whites seem to be physically weaker than Nordics and according to witness accounts aren't on a mission to help humanity achieve higher spirituality.

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Tall White Aliens’ Origins and Characteristics