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Tic Tac UFO Sighting From the USS Nimitz

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The Tic Tac UFO sighting made by Navy pilots of the USS Nimitz was made public in 2017. The declassified footage of the two Navy pilots in pursuit was the 47-foot white cigar-shaped UFO was a profound admission and disclosure from the US military.

2004 Navy Pilots Pursuit of UFO

The 2004 military video was released in 2017 with the audio of Navy pilots of the USS Nimitz Carrier Strike Group pursuing the UFO that was later dubbed the Tic Tac due to its shape. Navy fighter pilot, Commander David Fravor of the nuclear aircraft carrier, USS Nimitz went on national TV to talk about his experience.

Tic Tac UFO Video Analysis

FLIR1 Tic Tac UFO Video Analysis by To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science discusses the released footage.

Tic Tac UFO Pursuit

In a 2017 exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson, Commander Fravor of the Strike Fighter Squadron 41, the Black Aces, recalled his encounter. He told Carlson the squadron was flying new Super Hornets during routine air defense exercises off the coast of California. The training exercises were interrupted when his crew was handed off to another ship to conduct "real world tasking".

Interruption in Training Exercise

With no information what his crew was seeking, Fravor later learned the Navy had been tracking Tic Tac UFOs prior to his squadron's arrival for the exercises. The pilots were sent to gather visual information should they encounter the UFOs. Tic Tac UFO video and Tucker Carlson's interview with Navy pilot, Commander David Fravor:

Speeds Beyond Human Capabilities

Fravor explained how the UFO accelerated beyond supersonic speeds. The pilots were unable to see any type of exhaust trail from the UFO. The lack of any visible sign of the UFO's propulsion system combined with the vehicle's amazing maneuvering capabilities wasn't anything the pilots had ever witnessed. They were flying the latest technology, yet it couldn't keep up with the object they were pursuing.

First Sighting of Tic Tac UFO

In 2019, the History Channel featured the Tic Tac UFO in their series UFO Insiders, season one, episode one. In the History Channel Interview, Commander Fravor states when he arrived on the scene, he thought there was a possible crashed airliner underneath the churning water in an otherwise calm ocean. It was after spotting the water turbulence that he noticed the Tic Tac UFO.

No Wings and No Rotors

Upon closer observation, Commander Fravor didn't see any wings or rotors on the aircraft. The UFO began climbing toward him and shot across the path of the jets then disappeared in a matter of seconds.

UFO Travels 60 Miles Under One Minute

After the Tic Tac UFO disappeared, Commander Fravor was soon notified by the controller that they'd spotted the UFO once more. They were in total disbelief since the Tic Tac object had miraculously traveled 60 miles in less than one minute. This type of speed and maneuverability was far beyond any kind of technology these pilots or anyone had ever seen. Traveling that distance under a minute meant the object's speed was 3,700 miles an hour!

Second Crew Pursues Tic Tac UFO

When the two pilots returned to the carrier, two other crews were sent to continue the hunt and pursuit of the Tic Tac UFO. One of the jets had a new FLIR1 onboard. The video seen around the world was captured by the second crew using the infrared sensor camera. During the pilot crews' pursuit of the UFO, their radars jammed, but they were able to capture the Tic Tac UFO on video. There are rumors that the original footage of the unique Tic Tac UFO is much longer than what was released to the public.

Interview With Radar Operator

The controller who witnessed the Tic Tac UFO was interviewed on the Discovery Channel's TV series, Contact. He first explains how he'd been tracking 10 objects in the sky prior to the arrival of the jet pilots he sent to investigate.

Impossible Speed

The radar operator/controller explained during the interview that the Tic Tac UFO traveled at extremely unprecedented high speeds. He stated the object ascended into the ocean and then reemerged from the water traveling 28,000 ft straight up. He added that the object climbed that high in a split second. With this type of rapid acceleration, there would normally be a series a sonic booms. However, he stated there were no sonic booms- no sound at all as the object traveled at an unbelievable speed.

G-Force Effect on Humans

To help the interviewers understand how fast the Tic Tac was traveling, the radar controller stated the average person can withstand around 8 Gs. This means the gravitational force is eight times that of the person's weight. He made this comparison to the amount of G-force created by the Tic Tac UFO, which was 1,350 Gs. Imagine a person weighing 150 lbs under a G-force of 1,350. That person would have 202,500 lbs gravitational force pressing against them. The radar operator/controller explained how a G-force of 1,350 would completely smash a human being.

Examining the Tic Tac UFO Sighting Made by USS Nimitz Pilots

Crews from the USS Nimitz encountered the Tic Tac UFO and were astounded by its speed and maneuverability. The second crew captured the now famous video clip that was released along with a chain-of-custody (CoC) documentation authenticating its origins as US military.

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Tic Tac UFO Sighting From the USS Nimitz