Who Is Ilana Remikee?

Updated June 4, 2021
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The name Ilana Remikee launched an Internet frenzy to find out just who this person was and if she was indeed a real person. The whole commotion started when a teenage boy introduced as Noah, a self-proclaimed time traveler, was interviewed on the Apex TV YouTube Channel and said she would be a future president.

Who Is Ilana Remikee?

The name Ilana Remikee wasn't found within the frantic Internet searches conducted by believers and non-believers following the Apex TV Noah interview on YouTube. Noah claimed to be a time traveler from the future. Desperate to either prove or disprove Noah's claims that in 2030 Ilana Remikee was elected as the first female U.S. President, the Internet buzz continued with speculations and conjectures. Accounts with the name Ilana Remikee began to pop up on Twitter and Facebook.

Too Young to Be President

Some of the holes in Noah's story were immediately evident when he first mentioned Ilana Remikee. He said she was just barely 21 years old when she was inaugurated as President of the United States in the year 2030. The math meant that the future first woman President was only 9 years old at the time of Noah's Apex TV interview in 2018.

No Internet Footprint of Ilana Remikee

No Internet trace of a 9-year-old girl named Ilana Remikee could be found. Believers argued this shouldn't discredit Noah since she was after all just a child and likely wouldn't be found online.

Where's Ilana Remikee?

The Internet Google searches for Ilana Remikee continued until Noah corrected the misconception about the name. In a morning news interview, Noah corrected the show's hosts, who asked about Ilana Remikee. Noah claimed that he'd been misunderstood when he said the future President's name. He told the hosts that the name he'd said was Yolanda Renee King, the only grandchild of Martin Luther King, Jr, the beloved civil rights leader.

This video shows Noah correcting the misunderstanding of the name during the Sunset news interview:

Name of Future President

This change in the name sent out another Internet buzz. Could Noah have mispronounced the name so badly that people had been searching for the wrong future President? To many of his believers, it made perfect sense that the granddaughter of Martin Luther King, Jr. would pick up the legacy of her famous grandfather.

In this Aug 1, 2018 video, Noah clearly says the name, "Yolanda Renee King".

A quick video look at Yolanda Renee King:

Apex TV and Noah the Time Traveler

Apex TV continued to feature this teenage boy who claimed to be a time traveler from 2030. The teenager's face is pixilated in all his interviews and his voice masked in an effort to protect his identity. The teenager claimed he was from 2021 but had time traveled to 2030 and finally ended up abandoned in 2017 after a breach of protocol by one of his team members.

Apex TV Playlist of Noah's Interviews

Over the course of more than a year, Noah made many video interviews for Apex TV. The Apex TV YouTube channel has 29 of these videos in a playlist that isn't in chronological order.

Future Look of Las Vegas

In these videos, Noah supposedly reveals all kinds of information about the future. In one video, he claims to have made a short video of the future Las Vegas, Nevada that isn't very well done, but is entertaining to those following Noah.

Noah Reveals the Future of the World

In many of the numerous videos Noah did for Apex TV, he talks about the future of Canada, the United States and Mexico. He explains that the three countries come together to form what he terms as a Super Country. He talks about India, the Philippines and the UK.

Nanotechnology and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In one video, Noah describes the American government as being 10% run by humans and 90% run by AI (Artificial Intelligence). He talks about microscopic nanites and states he can't use and demonstrate the nanites because it will create a paradox. Nor can he allow anyone to place the substance underneath a microscope for fear the scientists will figure it out too quickly and create yet - another paradox. In the video, he pours a jar of slime onto a plate, claiming it contains millions or billions of nanites.

Noah Passes Lie Detector Test

In yet another Apex TV video, Noah undergoes a lie detector test. Surprisingly, he passes the lie detector test, giving his fans encouragement that he is who he says he is - a time traveler from the year, 2030.

Big Reveal of Noah, the Time Traveler

In a July 23, 2019 Apex TV video, Noah reveals his real name is Jason and surprise, he isn't a real time traveler. In the video, he explains he was the victim of bullying and turned to YouTube and discovered Apex TV.

Inventing Noah

The teenager, now identified as Jason (aka, Noah), states in the video that he came up with the idea to pretend he was a time traveler, contacted Apex TV and the rest is history. Taking on the persona made him feel special and garnered positive attention. As for how he passed the lie detector test, Jason says he was very nervous and had medicated himself to calm down. He also states the equipment used in the test wasn't the best.

Denis Bel Claims to Be the Real Noah

About a week prior to the release of Noah's real identity as Jason on Apex TV, a 16-year-old boy named Denis Bel made a video claiming he was the real Noah. This created a controversial storm with accusations of paid actors and Apex TV. The Apex TV Fandom page explains how Apex TV disavowed knowing Denis Bel and that Jason was the only Noah ever portrayed in their videos.

Ilana Remikee and Noah, the Time Traveler

The Ilana Remikee mix up was cleared up by Noah (aka, Jason) correcting the name as Yolanda Renee King. In the end, Jason came clean with his fans and apologized, stating he committed the charade as entertainment, never expecting anyone to take him seriously. After all, time travel isn't really possible - or is it?

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Who Is Ilana Remikee?