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Are Zombies Real?

Sally Painter
Depiction of zombie attacking women

Many people around the world believe zombies are real. Certain cultures believe in zombies, and in pop culture, television shows and movies depict zombies as a terrifying, real threat to the living. Attacks by what witnesses described as real-life zombies have set the internet ablaze, including the most publicized zombie attack captured by CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) in Miami, Florida.

Are Real Life Zombie-Like Attacks Proof Zombies Exist?

The first half of 2012 saw zombie-like attacks in the state of Florida. The circumstances surrounding two of the attacks were bizarre and inexplicable. Like other related attacks, the assailants were naked and the violent outbursts were sudden. After the Florida incidents, further attacks were reported elsewhere.

The Miami Zombie

In May 2012, a Florida homeless man was attacked for 23 minutes by a naked man who chewed off 80 percent of the victim's face. The first police officer on the scene ordered the assailant to stop, but according to a witness, the attacker glanced up at the police, growled and then resumed eating. The officer then shot the attacker, but the bullet didn't slow him down. It took several more bullets to finally stop the man, who was declared dead on the scene.

The autopsy and toxicology reports revealed marijuana, but "no evidence of any other street drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs, or any adulterants found in street drugs."

Tasered Zombie Dies

In April 2012, another Florida man displayed zombie-like behavior and was killed after police used a stun gun repeatedly to subdue him. According to NBC Miami, the victim told police that the naked man tried to bite his neck and tore at his clothes.

There is controversy surrounding this unusual behavior since 10 police officers weren't able to subdue the man. The family subsequently sued the police officers, citing unnecessary force.

Man Goes Ape at Zoo

In July 2011, a Colorado man was at the zoo with his girlfriend and complained of being hot. He proceeded to dunk his head in a nearby fountain and when approached by a zoo employee attacked him, biting and chewing on the employee. Police arrived and the man became more aggressive. A witness reported that it took 12 people to subdue the crazed man, who managed to bite a police officer. A taser finally brought the man down, but he died on the scene.

Woman Attacks Elderly Mother

In November 1991, a 61-year old California woman bit her 87-year old mother nearly 20 times. The woman had been on anti-depressant medication for two weeks and claimed her mother had made her "so mad." The woman was still wearing a blood-stained nightgown when the police arrived.

Similar Zombie Real Life Attacks

  • July 2012, China: A bus driver chewed a woman's nose off before being subdued by five police officers.
  • September 2012, Pennsylvania: A naked man jumped from a two-story window and attacked a woman, biting her head.

Explanations for Bizarre Zombie-Like Behavior

The zombie attackers who survived all stated that they had no recollection of the attacks. Similar incidences are occurring worldwide and are being blamed on a variety of drugs, although toxicology reports often reveal no prevalent drug in the attacker's system.

Group of Zombies

There are several explanations being given for these and other incidences of strange cannibalistic zombie behavior that include:

  • Excited Delirium: This condition overheats the body and it's feasible a person might rip off his clothing in a desperate attempt to cool down.
  • Abuse of bath salts: This trendy, cheap, recreational drug for a society in economic crisis elevates blood pressure and body temperature, causing profuse sweating and also erratic behavior.
  • LSD: A new souped-up form of LSD is blamed for cannibalistic attacks.
  • Prion: A protein that can cause insanity as well as violent tendencies.

History and Mythology of Zombies

There are several types of zombies found in myths and modern pop culture. These include:

  • Voodoo spell: This zombie serves the priest or priestess creator. The person is in a catatonic state. Science has discovered that the poisonous puffer fish used in the spell concoction may be responsible for the zombie traits. When the drug wears off, the victim can't recall anything that transpired.
  • Living Dead: These creatures portrayed in the classic film Night of the Living Dead were reanimated via some unknown, assumed supernatural force.
  • Modern Zombies: The modern zombie depicted in movies and graphic novels is typically the result of a weaponized virus that accidentally escaped some secret government lab. Once infected, the victim becomes mindless and reverts to primal instincts with a thirst for human flesh. If bitten by a zombie, the victim also turns into a zombie.

CDC Preparedness for Zombie Apocalypse

If real-life incidences of face-eating zombie behavior aren't disturbing enough, then turn to the the CDC (Centers for disease Control and Prevention) blog.

CDC Blog - Preparing for Zombies

In May 2011, the CDC posted on the official government blog an article titled Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse. While this tongue-in-cheek approach is to encourage people to be emergency prepared, there is a disturbing component to the CDC scenario.

Warning or Tongue-in-Cheek?

Many conspiracy theorists claim that the following CDC's blog statement should be taken as a subliminal warning: "The rise of zombies in pop culture has given credence to the idea that a zombie apocalypse could happen. In such a scenario zombies would take over entire countries, roaming city streets eating anything living that got in their way. The proliferation of this idea has led many people to wonder 'How do I prepare for a zombie apocalypse?' "

Zombies, the Ultimate Biological Warfare Weapon

Many theorists claim that zombie viruses currently exist and the incidences over the last couple of years have been controlled test subjects. Others believe that a viral agent was accidentally released into the world and is in the process of gestating and mutating, cropping up in random episodes that will eventually escalate.


In 2012, scientists reported on honeybees that were turned into zombies by parasitic flies. Termed ZomBees, the bees were infested with the parasitic flies, which took over their behavior and caused strange activity uncharacteristic of honeybees, ultimately resulting in their death.

Are Zombies Real?

Based on the increasing number of reports of zombie-like behavior, it's difficult to dismiss that modern zombies exist. Whether the cause is a new drug on the streets, some form of mind-control, or unknown agent, it's clear that something is happening that isn't fully understood.

Are Zombies Real?