12 Recent Mothman Sightings (and What They Mean)

Updated June 30, 2021
Silver Bridge Collapse Signage

Terrified eyewitnesses report recent sightings of Mothman, some as close as 10'-15' from the glowing red-eyed flying humanoid. When they lock gazes with the creature, these people report they are temporarily paralyzed as though in a trance.

Saint Anthony Falls Bridge Collapses

In 2007, an eight-lane steel bridge on I-35W collapsed during evening rush hour. Thirteen people were killed and nearly 150 injured, with many people claiming to have seen Mothman. After the collapse, George Noory received multiple calls on his radio program Coast to Coast AM from people who said they had a Mothman sighting.

Mother and Daughter See Mothman in Backyard

UFO Clearinghouse has multiple reports of Mothman sightings. On October 26, 2020, a mother and daughter witnessed what appeared to be a winged demon creature. According to the witness, it was around 9 pm when her mother saw the creature out her bedroom window, perched on the backyard fence. The daughter ran into the bedroom in response to her mother's scream.

The creature was about 25' from the mother and daughter, who were watching with the lights turn off in the bedroom. The creature was black, and it had facial features like a human, only its overall face was very demonic looking. It had human arms and legs. Its eyes were a brilliant, glowing red. The wings were jet black and tucked behind its back. The pair watched the humanoid creature for a minute, then it spread its wings and flew away.

Swine Flu Pandemic

In 2009, a Swine Flu (H1N1) pandemic started in rural Mexico near Chihuahua and spread throughout the world with more than 14,000 deaths confirmed worldwide. Investigators traced the pandemic's origins to the month of April, just a month after more than 30 sightings of Mothman were reported in and around Chihuahua.

Legend of the Mothman scupture

Chicago Woman's Frightening Mothman Encounter

UFO Clearinghouse reports a USPS employee at the sorting facility located at Chicago O'Hare International Airport came face-to-face with a Mothman creature. It was around 11 pm when the woman was leaving her shift and walking to the parking lot on September 24, 2020. She glanced up from her cellphone and noticed a tall man standing about 20' from her car. She didn't think anything of it, assuming it was a fellow employee.

She hit her key fob to unlock her car, and this turned on her headlights. The person was now illuminated and turned to look at her. That was the moment the woman panicked, realizing what she was seeing wasn't a person. The creature had brilliant red eyes. It stood all of 7' tall and when it turned to look at her; it unfurled its large wings.

It made an odd clicking/chirping noise before releasing a strange screech. Terrified, the woman screamed and crouched down by the cars as the creature charged towards her. When it was just a few feet away from her, it flew up and over her. She dashed to her car and managed to get behind the wheel and sped out of the parking lot and home. There have been all kinds of stories about people seeing this creature around the airport.

Chicago Mothman Photo

In August 2011, a man and woman were traveling through Chicago, the man's hometown neighborhood was nearby and he wanted to show her around. He snapped a few images of the Indian statue on the roof of the local tobacco store. It wasn't until the couple were home that he looked at the photos and was surprised to see what appears to be a very large flying creature. The man enlarged the photo to get a better look at the object and felt it resembled a large bat. Unsure what it was, he sent the images to Phantoms and Monsters, hoping they or someone else might know what he captured in the photo.

Photo of Mothman

Women Encounter Large Flying Creature

Three friends in Chicago were walking their usual evening trek on a lakefront trail around 10 pm on June 3, 2021. As they were walking along the path behind Shedd Aquarium, they noticed someone standing by the railing. They didn't think anything about it since many people frequent the park that time of night. However, when they got closer, they realized the large black figure was actually perched on the railing.

By now, they were only a few feet from the figure. It turned and trained its red eyed stare on them. The three women froze in fear. The creature spread its large wings, released an ear-piercing screech, and flew into the night. Three other women walking in the opposite direction screamed when they saw and heard the birdman's screech.

Mothman Terrorizes University of Illinois Students

Two University of Illinois roommates were terrorized one Friday night as they dressed to go out with their boyfriends. That September 30, 2011 is one none of these young adults will ever forget. One woman first saw the creature as she was getting dressed. The dark creature was staring at her through the third-floor apartment window. Her roommate tried to console her and suggested she mistook shadows of light or some other logical explanation. The woman was adamant she'd seen the creature staring at her as though she were prey.

When the roommate's phone rang, she ran to her room to answer it and saw the two glowing eyes staring at her through her bedroom window. The phone call was from her boyfriend and her roommate's boyfriend, but when they heard her screams, they ran over to the apartment.

Once the two women had calmed down, their boyfriends told how they'd been walking through the neighborhood park on their way to the apartment when they saw a 6'-7' tall creature perched on the basketball court hoop. When the Mothman saw them, it took flight. There were several people in the park who also witnessed the creature. The men said the creature resembled a monstrous bat. There were several other students who saw the large creature that night. All of the descriptions were of a tall, massive creature with glowing orange eyes that resembled a bat.

From 2011 through 2018 Mothman was spotted in Chicago and near Lake Michigan multiple times (nearly 70) by numerous witnesses. The witnesses described seen a humanoid creature with batlike wings and glowing orange eyes.

Mothman illustration

Winged Humanoid Jumps Off Chicago Tower

In 2017, a man witnessed what he claimed was a winged human jump off the top of Willis Tower in downtown Chicago. This sighting started a rash of Mothman sightings. There were over 100 reported Mothman sightings. All of these sightings were within a 200-mile radius of Lake Michigan. The creature was described as a humanoid with bat wings or a massive batlike flying creature. The creature was said to have a wingspan of 12'-15' and standing height was 6'-7' tall.

Mexico Sightings of Mothman

The YouTube channel Mexico Unexplained shares a recording believed to be the Mothman's screech. The eerie sound is unearthly. Several sightings of Mothman are discussed. Flying humanoids are very commonplace in the northern region of Mexico. It's believed the creatures have a colony or family units in the mountain regions.

One of the eyewitness stories retold is about Ernesto Campa. He grew up in Mexicali and has seen the Mothman numerous times. His first sighting as a child was at night when the creature landed only a few feet from him. He described the creature as being 6.5' tall and covered in fur instead of feathers. Its eyes glowed red. The creature had a human, male athletic body.

He saw the creature many years later, during the night. He was one of eight eyewitnesses who saw the humanoid flying overhead and eventually it landed at the elementary school. There are many scary tales of Mothman carrying off sheep, dogs, and even children.

Man Sees Mothman in Chicago Park

Another UFO Clearinghouse Mothman report was filed on April 7, 2017 by a man walking his dog in a Chicago park at night. His dog was reluctant and had to be coaxed into continuing the walk. The two of them came upon a man about 7' tall standing in a clearing. He noticed the man had a pair of wings tucked behind his back, but they rose about a foot above his head. When the birdman turned to look at him, it was with bright red glowing eyes.

The Mothman wasn't wearing clothes. The eyewitness described it as being half man and half bird. It stared at him for several seconds. When it spread out its wings, the birdman released a loud screech, then blasted into the air. The man described the wings as being batlike with a 10' wingspan. He told UFO Clearinghouse that he felt like the creature had probed his mind and his very soul.

O'Hare Pilots See Flying Humanoid

In August 2019, a commercial airline pilot who is a former U.S. Air Force pilot reported seeing a large human with wings perched on a rail. Its glowing red eyes looked right at the pilot as he was passing it in the airport shuttle on his way to the terminal to pilot a plane out of O'Hare. He was shocked at the brashness of the human creature as it sat perched no more than 15' away from the passing shuttle, yet wasn't scared of being seen.

The Mothman locked gazes with the pilot and turned its head to maintain eye contact as the shuttle passed it. The frightened pilot reported that the winged humanoid had glowing red eyes. It had human arms, hands, and legs. He was unable to see the feet. The creature gripped the railing with its hands and didn't budge when the shuttle rumbled past it. The pilot described the wings as batlike.

Another pilot and his co-pilot reported that at 7:30 am on May 31, 2020, while taxiing onto the runway, they saw a winged humanoid that was very large and black. The creature flew up from the runway and disappeared into the sky.

Mothman Artist's Impression

Man Captures Photos of Mothman in Point Pleasant

On November 20, 2016, a man who wished to remain anonymous contacted WCHS TV in Charleston, West Virginia with a Mothman tale. However, this eyewitness offered photos to back up his story. While the photos are blurry, you can clearly see what appear to be human legs and a human torso and large wings sailing overhead.

The man said he was driving on the state road, Route 2, when he noticed something very large jumping from one tree to another. He pulled off the highway and took some hasty photos of the creature moving about and captured the now iconic image of it in flight.

Frightening Mothman Sightings

Mothman sightings are not commonplace, but they appear to be ongoing. That they sometimes precede disasters may be significant, or it may merely be coincidence. Only time will tell as patterns emerge whether this is urban legend, folklore, or something supernatural.

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12 Recent Mothman Sightings (and What They Mean)