Using Intention Candles to Enhance Your Life

Published February 10, 2021
Woman Using Intention Candle

Intention candles are commonly used to manifest the things you desire. This can be a physical, emotional, or spiritual desire.

Intention Candles Meaning

The meaning of an intention candle is a candle that is dedicated for a single purpose to manifest your intention. You can use intention candles in your religious and spiritual practices.

How Do You Use Intention Candles?

The best way to use an intention candle is as a tool of visualization. Not to be confused with meditation, visualization requires you to focus on your intent and visualize it manifesting. The intention candle is used as part of this practice. Many spellworkers used intention candles when casting spells.

How Long Should You Let Your Candle Burn?

Intention candles should always be allowed to burn down and self-extinguish. This will give your intention the energy it needs to manifest.

Select Your Intention Candle

You have many choices for an intention candle. There are reiki charged intention candles, herbal magic, essential oil scented candles, and some are infused with flowers, herbs, dried fruit, and/or crystals. Some intention candles created to manifest money desires have faux money embedded in the candle wax. You should examine your intention and then find the appropriate candle. You may decide to go with a plain colored candle for your intent, or use your candle in a magic candle spell. Whatever you decide, once you have selected your candle, you're ready to start your visualization.

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Steps for Using Intention Candle With Visualization

You need to select a quiet place where you won't be interrupted. You will also need to ensure that you practice good candle safety. The safest candles are jar candles that are self-contained.

Step One: Relax Your Body and Mind

If you use incense to cleanse your space, you can light it. If you prefer to smudge the room to get rid of negative energies, now is the time to do it. You will take three deep cleansing breaths. Relax your body and mind. You can use any technique you like for relaxation.

Step Two: Light Your Intention Candle and State Your Intention

Once you are relaxed, you can light your intention candle. State out loud your intention. You want to be as clear and precise as possible about your intention. You will state your intention as though it has happened and currently exists.

A few examples include:

  • I am enjoying living in my new home.
  • I love driving my new car.
  • I like my promotion as (fill in title).
  • Life has improved so much.
  • I am happier now than I've ever been.
  • I find my new spiritual growth very enlightening.

Step Three: Visualize Every Detail

You will focus on the burning candle and visualize the manifestation of your statement. For example, if you stated you are enjoying living in your new home, then you will visualize driving up to your home, walking in through the front door and moving through your new home. You will visualize the colors of your décor, the furniture, the placement of wall art and decorative objects. The more details you can visualize, the more powerful your energy will be that becomes infused with the intention candle.

Step Four: Allow Your Intention Candle to Burn Down

Once you've lit your intention candle, you will allow it to burn down and self-extinguish. If you blow out the candle before it has completed its burn, you'll interrupt the manifestation of your intent.

What Should You Do With Intention Candle if Interrupted?

If you must leave your intention candle unattended, then snuff it out (don't blow it out). You can then pick back up where you left off when you can dedicate the time necessary for the candle to burn down and self-extinguish. (You should never leave a burning candle unattended since this creates a dangerous fire hazard!)

Candle Snuffer

Step Five: Gratitude and Respect

Once you've completed your ritual of intent, take a moment to feel gratitude and thank your God or the universe, per your spiritual beliefs. As with any ritual, you want to treat what remains after your intention candle has burned down and self-extinguished with due respect.

Disposing of Candle Remnants

These are the remnants of your intent, which is a manifestation of your desire and should be respected. You don't want to discard these remains by throwing them in the trash. You can give them a proper burial or place them in a glass jar, seal it, and store in a special place. This could be in a desk drawer if your intent was a promotion. For a new house, you might put a photo/picture of your ideal new home inside the jar with the candle remnants and store on a bookshelf.

Step Six: Let It Go

The most important step to your using an intention candle is to let the energy you put into the intention candle go out into the world. When your candle burned down and extinguished, it released all the energy you'd poured into your visualization into the world so it can manifest. Now, you need to get on with your life and let it go. If you continue to dwell on your intention and worry about it, you basically undo everything. It's like picking at a scab and expecting your wound to heal. Believe you will receive your intention and continue to live your life.

Use Intention Candles for Any Purpose

You can use an intention candle for anything you wish to manifest in your life. Focusing your energy on an intention candle while visualizing yourself achieving your desire gives your intention almost magical powers.

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Using Intention Candles to Enhance Your Life