The Book of Enoch & Its Alien Connections

Updated June 9, 2021
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What if the descriptions of the Watchers in The Book of Enoch were actually about aliens, and not angelic beings? And could Noah (of Noah's ark) have been the result of alien hybridization? These are just a couple of examples of the ties UFOlogists have made between the Book of Enoch and extraterrestrial life.

Aliens in The Book of Enoch?

Enoch is a member of the lineage of Seth, who is Cain's brother. He was chosen by God as the best of all humans, fathered Methuselah, who had a son named Lamech, who fathered Noah. He walked with God for 300 years after the birth of Methuselah, given that honor above all other humans. In the Book of Enoch, he describes being taken to heaven, and that's where UFOlogists draw their theories.

Many modern UFOlogists have interpreted Enoch's depiction of being taken up into heaven by (Archangel) Haniel (also spelled Anaphiel), the Prince, as an alien abduction. Enoch describes being whisked away and riding in a fiery chariot. He writes the chariot was pulled by fiery horses.

Enoch travels higher and higher into the heavens and stars. He finds himself in the presence of Shekinah (God in the physical form) in a place that he describes as filled with fiery baths, walls, swords, wheels, and other areas. Some alien theorists believe Enoch was attempting to describe the various lights of panels and technology.

Noah: Not Entirely of This World

The Book of Enoch tells how Methuselah's son, Lamech married and the couple had a baby, Noah. However, Lamech was terrified of his son and told his father that Noah wasn't human.

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Lamech described Noah as white and red (apparently when he cried). He spoke of the baby's hair being curly and as white as sheep's wool. However, the most frightening thing to Lamech was the light that shone from the child's eyes. It was so bright that it lit up the entire house. Lamech declared Noah must have been sired by an angel. However, his wife swore she had not been with any angelic being.

Some alien theorists hypothesize from Lamech's description and declaration that his son wasn't human that perhaps Noah was the result of alien genetic engineering.

They also point to the text that declares Noah was chosen by God to save the human race and that was the reason for the genetic manipulation, so Noah could father an entirely new human race.

Were the Watchers Alien Visitors?

The Book of Enoch and the Book of Daniel describe the Watchers as angelic beings sent to Earth to watch over the humans. God created humans and all things under God were subservient to the humans.

This supplanting of the celestial and angelic population wasn't well received by 200 Watchers that rebelled against God. Enoch tells how the fallen Watchers retaliated against God's favoritism of humans over them. They set out to share angelic knowledge, such as astronomy, metallurgy, weaponry, divine secrets, and more.

The fallen angels made a pact to defile God's creation by impregnating human women. This union created the giants known as the Nephilim.

To an alien theorist, the Nephilim might be considered alien hybrids on steroids.

Instead of being artificially inseminated as many theorists' postulate was how Noah was created, the Nephilim weren't created in a controlled laboratory, but were the results of these aliens (angels) having sex with human women.

Alien theorists point to the similarity of alien visitations to those described in the biblical Book of Daniel. In one passage, Daniel describes the Watcher coming down from Heaven. The Watcher (angel/Elohim) is late in returning to Daniel because of an ongoing battle in the heavens between the Watchers and the fallen angels (former Watchers).

Alien theorists view the battle in the heavens as alien warfare. They point to the Sanskrit texts that tell of a heavenly war and the many ancient drawings of space vehicles.

Enoch's Descriptions of Heaven: Alien Worlds?

The Book of Enoch describes the vastness of heaven. It is an endless place of worlds, princes, and angels. The sheer magnitude of heaven described in the Book of Enoch is impossible to comprehend.

The text is complex, depicting the vast numbers of angels, the endless listings and layering of angelic hierarchy and the many classes of angels as well as the teachings and blessings bestowed upon them.

As part of the description of the great princes, the Book of Enoch refers to seven heavens and the princes who rule over them. The highest heaven is called Arabot. Michael is called the Great Prince of the seventh heaven, while Gabriel is called the Prince of the Host and rules over the sixth heaven known as Makon.

The Book of Enoch also describes the many thousands of princes and the heavens they rule over. For example, four great princes (also called Watchers) are greater than all the celestials combined. God is referred to as the Holy One who takes counsel with these four Watchers before passing judgements, and it's all conducted in the Great Law Court.

To an alien theorist, these seven heavens could easily describe planets. The Great Law Court could be the justice system of a confederation of planets.

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Aliens and Enoch: One Possible Theory

The Book of Enoch and its possible connection to aliens is a theory made by some researchers within the UFO community. There are many similarities between modern alien abductions and Watcher encounters written about in this ancient text.

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The Book of Enoch & Its Alien Connections