White Candle Love Spells

Updated November 15, 2019
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Love spells using white candles are magical, but they can't make someone love you if you don't share a spark of passion. What a love spell can do is open energy channels and the forces of nature to work on your behalf. Love spells work best when you ask the universe to send the right person to you. This ensures you don't waste time and energy focusing on someone who may not care for you the way you want.

Simple Love Spell

You can cast a simple love spell using a white candle with the intent of being noticed by someone you admire or love. You should do the work in a quiet place where you won't be interrupted.


  • White taper or pillar candle, new, tall enough for inscribing
  • Matches or lighter
  • Candle holder
  • Virgin olive oil
  • Photo of the one you desire
  • White envelope large enough to hold the photo
  • Athame knife or other utensil for inscribing candle
  • 1 piece of 8.5" x 11" white paper (copy paper)


  1. Dress the candle by using olive oil to bring love to you. For a spell to bring something to you, dress the candle by pulling the oil from the top of the candle to the center of candle then from the bottom to the center.
  2. Place the candle in a candle holder on your altar. If you do not have an altar, a tabletop is fine.
  3. Place the photo of the one you desire by the candle.
  4. Use the tip of your athame knife or other utensil to inscribe the candle.
  5. Carve the first name of the person on the candle. Write along the length of the candle from top to bottom.
  6. Place the candle back in the candle holder and light it.
  7. Repeat your desire three times, "Bring [insert beloved's name] to me. Let [insert name] declare undying love for me."
  8. Focus on the candle as it burns, visualizing the person coming to you with love. Keep visualizing and thinking about the person until the candle burns down completely.
  9. Once the candle has burned down, place the wax puddle and the photo into the envelope and seal it shut.
  10. Put the envelope containing the remains in a safe place where it won't be disturbed.

Waiting for Love Spell to Manifest Tips

Only the universe knows how long it will take for your spell to manifest. However, keep in mind, if the person is involved with another person, it's unlikely your spell will work the way you intend.

  • Breaking up a couple can have consequences that come back to you threefold and not in a good way, so be careful and do no harm.
  • You should never use a candle for a candle spell that has been used before. Any time a spell is being cast, you should use virgin candles.
  • Candles can pick up vibrations from their previous use, which causes them to be ineffective if they're used in a different type of spell.
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White Candle Super Charged True Love Spell

This spell is for summoning your true love. This isn't a spell to cast for someone you know that you wish to notice you or suddenly start to have romantic feelings for you. This spell is cast for true love to find you.

Charging and Anointing the Candle With Essential Oils

You can super charge your love spell by spending a little extra time on dressing the candle, also known as charging the candle, since the goal is to imbue your energy of intent into the candle. To aid in opening this channel of energy, you can infuse certain herbal properties into the oil to dress the candle. Use essential oils to dress or anoint the candle. These include one for passion (patchouli), one for a strong and faithful love (rosemary) and one for devotion and eternal love (lavender). Supplies needed include:

  • ½ cup of virgin olive oil
  • 1 drop of patchouli essential oil
  • 1 drop of rosemary essential oil
  • 1 drop of lavender essential oil
  • 1 pair disposable plastic gloves
  • Small piece of white cloth to wrap candle remains
  • Matches or lighter
  • Bowl and wood spoon or glass bottle with cap

Charging Instructions

  1. Don the gloves to protect your hands from possible sensitivity to essential oils.
  2. You need to mix the oils together in a bowl with a wooden spoon or pour into a bottle, screw on the lid and shake vigorously to mix.
  3. Pour a small amount of the mixed oil into the palm of your hand and apply to the top of the candle, drawing the oil down the length of the candle to the center.
  4. You can say a chant, mantra or prayer as you work.

Charging Chant

"I state my intent as I dress this candle,
I charge this instrument with the energy of my deepest desire,
I anoint this candle with love, patience, faith, hope, kindness, desire, passion, and bliss."

How to Charge Your Candle With Energy

  1. Continue to work the oil down from the top of the candle to the middle until all sides are oiled.
  2. Next, pull the oil from the bottom of the candle to the center and work it all the around the candle.
  3. You can repeat the chant while you finish anointing the candle.
  4. Once the candle is anointed, you need to place it in the candle holder.

Clear Your Mind to Cast Spell

You will need to clear your mind before you cast the spell. You can either meditate, say a prayer or sing a song. Whatever method works for you to calm and clear your mind.

  1. Set up an altar or any flat surface, such as a table.
  2. Place the candle in the center of your altar or table.
  3. Create a circle of protection either with salt poured to encircle the altar/table with you inside the circle or invoke a bubble of white light.

Repeat Chant

Repeat this chant: "I open the circle with white light and purity of heart and wish no harm."

  1. Focus on your ideal love and envision the two of you together.
  2. Light the candle.
  3. Then, repeat the following three times:

"Light of my life, see my candle flame,
Follow it to me.
Come be my love for evermore."

Complete the Spell

  1. Once you've repeated the chant, sit in silence and visualize meeting your true love.
  2. Try to imagine every detail, such as the time of day, what you're doing when you first see each other, and even what you'll say to each other.
  3. Remain in your circle for as long as you feel the need.
  4. If you're using a small candle, wait for it to burn down as you remain in the circle.
  5. Don't extinguish the flame, since this will nullify your spell.
  6. Allow the candle to self-extinguish even if it does so before it has completely burned down.
  7. Close the circle by stating, "I close this circle with its purpose fulfilled."

If Candle Extinguishes Before Burning Down

For this particular spell, if the candle self-extinguishes before it burns down, it doesn't mean your spell failed. It simply means your request was received. Your spell is complete. Wrap the remnants of the candle in a white piece of cloth and store where it won't be disturbed.

Unlit white candle on table

Manifesting of Spell

Give your spell two to three weeks to manifest. If you haven't met your true love by then, take the wax still wrapped in cloth and bury it underneath your bedroom window. If you live in an apartment, choose a place that is special to you, such as a rest area along a hiking trail or favorite park to bury the cloth and wax. If the universe is willing and your spell was conducted properly, you should meet your true love by the next full moon.

Sometimes Love Needs a Little Help

No love spell can absolutely guarantee it will bring you the results you want. However, it can help you to have a more positive outlook, and that kind of energy is bound to make you more open to the opportunities for a love that comes your way.

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