Who Are Nordic Aliens? A Guide to These Extraterrestrials

Updated June 14, 2021
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Nordic aliens are tall, attractive extraterrestrials who could easily pass for a Scandinavian with their fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. The following eyewitness accounts seem to support the ideas that these beings may be benevolent, spiritual helpers.

Mission and Origin of Nordic Aliens

The Nordics said to be around six to seven feet tall, and have an athletic physique. Their average life span is around 700 years. They are described as very benevolent beings who view humans as childlike and in need of guidance. Their mission on Earth is to assist humans in their spiritual development and offer prophecies and predictions to those they contact.

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The Nordic aliens are said to hail from the Pleiades star cluster within the Taurus constellation. This cluster of stars is also known as the Seven Sisters, that's mentioned in an ancient Native American story about Star People. The Star People are part of the Lakota and Hopi oral legends about their ancestors coming down from the skies, from Pleiades.

Another origin theory states the Nordics are the remnants of an ancient Earth civilization that moved underground after a catastrophic planetary event. They pretend to be aliens to protect their underground world. It's believed they reside deep in the Himalayas. The Express reports there are several Pleiadian communities located in Argentina near the Salta mountains.

There are many stories of human encounters with the Nordic aliens. The late author and Ufologist George Adamski was believed to be one of the first humans to have contact with the Nordic alien during the 1950s. Adamski's Nordic aliens supposedly hailed from Venus, not Pleiades. He was largely disbelieved with many, including Project Blue Book that concluded his photos were staged and fake.

However, some Ufologists point to Billy Meier, the Swedish alien contactee, as the originator of the Nordic alien mythology. Meier claims that the Nordic aliens from Pleiades.

Billy Meier's Nordic Alien Sightings

Billy Meier claims his first contact with Nordic aliens was when he was five years old (1942). He is a highly controversial spokesperson for the Pleiadians. Over the years, Meier accumulated volumes of photos and 8mm film he took of the aliens' UFOs. He claims metal artifacts were given to him by his ET friends. His evidence has been examined and verified by photo experts and metallurgists. However, some experts claim to have debunked his evidence.

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According to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), Meier has traveled to other worlds, universes, and even other dimensions with the Nordics. Meier gives the location of the aliens' home world, Erra, as being in another dimension only separated from this universe by a tiny fraction of a second. Erra lies 80 light years past the Pleiades star cluster. Meier says that he communicates with the Nordic aliens through some form of telepathy. Symbols are also used to convey ideas and concepts.

Travis Walton's Nordic Alien Encounters

Travis Walton's abduction story also has a Nordic alien connection. Travis claims that the Hollywood film Fire in the Sky wasn't an accurate portrayal of his abduction. He wrote a book and co-produced in a documentary about his abduction. He was working with a logging crew and they were on the way home late one evening when they encountered a UFO. Travis got out of the truck to get a closer look while his fellow workers yelled for him to get back in the truck.

Alien Abduction

Travis was struck with a beam of light from the UFO and thrown several feet in the air. When the frightened logging crew saw him fall to the ground, they believed he was dead and fled the scene. A few minutes later, the men returned to the scene, but Travis and the UFO were gone. He was missing for five days.

Travis feels he must have been injured so badly that the aliens took him onboard the UFO to nurse him back to health. He states that he encountered several types of aliens while on board the UFO, but the Nordic aliens were the ones in charge.

President Meets With Nordics

It has long been rumored that President Eisenhower secretly met with a delegation of the Nordic Pleiades aliens in the 1950s. This meeting is said to be the inspiration for the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. However, unlike the movie version, President Eisenhower supposedly turned down the Nordics' offer to assist humankind in spiritual evolution. Instead, Eisenhower accepted a technology deal with the Greys. Another story claims President Eisenhower met with the Tall Whites, not the Nordics, and the aliens demanded the United States disarm its nuclear warheads, but President Eisenhower refused their offer, fearing the aliens had a malevolent, hidden agenda.

Who Are the Nordic Aliens?

Nordic Aliens are said to be living among humans. It's believed that the Nordic aliens come from the Pleiades star system and are on Earth to help humans evolve spiritually.

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