Yellow Candle Meanings: Achieving Clarity & Prosperity

Published March 11, 2021
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A yellow candle meaning has many facets that can bring you clarity. You can decide which yellow candle energies you wish to invite into your life.

Yellow Candle Meaning of Enlightenment

A yellow candle meaning of enlightenment gives you a powerful tool for meditation and prayer practices. The color yellow is a symbol of divine wisdom and spiritual truths. You can light a yellow candle during your practices to connect with these energies.

Use Yellow Candle During Meditation

When you use a yellow candle during your meditation, you want to focus on the candle flame. It helps to visualize the spiritual energies contained within the yellow color being released as the flame melts the yellow candle. When you focus on these energies, you can soak them up during your meditation to empower your spiritual seeking.

Yellow Prayer Candle

A yellow candle is a wonderful color to use during your prayer practices. The candle flame can assist you in tapping into that powerful spiritual energy that comes from connecting with God and the divine realm. When you speak your prayers, envision your words mingling with the flames and sending your spiritual desires toward heaven where they are received. You don't want to stop there.

Yellow Candle

Opening a Two-Way Communication With Divinity

You can listen and hear the divine response that is sent back to the candle flame and imbued into the melting wax. You have now established a stream of communication that you can use and enjoy your communion with God and his angelic realm.

Psychic Yellow Candle Meaning

You can stretch your psychic powers by using a yellow candle during your psychic exercises or when conducting a reading. The color yellow is a color of communication of all kinds, especially spiritual communication.

Connect With Spirit Guides

To establish your direct line of communication with your spirit guide(s) or simply to connect with the spiritual realm, you can light a yellow candle. You want to empty your mind and open your heart to the soft whispers of those on the other side to begin your communication and build a stronger bridge between your world and theirs.

Yellow Candle Energy Clearing

If you are familiar with smudging to cleanse rooms of negative energies, you can light a yellow candle to clear negative energy. You can leave the candle in a room to burn all the way down. You may decide to light the candle on a regular schedule and allow it to burn for an hour each day. You can sense the timing for the burning of the yellow candle by using your intuitive and psychic abilities. (Never leave a candle unattended.)

Yellow Candle Meaning for Zodiac Signs

A yellow candle meaning is often associated with various zodiac signs. By lighting a yellow candle to represent your zodiac sign, you can invoke the candle energies to bolster your sun sign. The zodiac signs that feature the color yellow in their color palettes include Leo with its ruler the Sun, Gemini with its ruler Mercury, Sagittarius with its ruler Jupiter, or Virgo with its ruler Mercury.

Third Chakra and Yellow Candle Meaning

The third chakra color is yellow. This is the chakra that is located above your navel and below your chest. It is also known as the solar plexus.

Light a Yellow Candle to Connect With Higher Self

This chakra is the center for enthusiasm, joy, wisdom, and hope. It enables you to move through life with wisdom from your true higher self. You can tap into this fount of your being when you light a yellow candle and meditate on this region of your body.

Yellow Candle for Spells

You can cast yellow candle magic spells that correlate to the yellow candle meaning. For example, you can cast spells and perform rituals that will bring you prosperity.

Best Time for Yellow Candle Magic Spell

The best time of day for a yellow candle magic spell is between 12:00 and 1:00 pm when the sun is highest in the sky. For the best possible results for your spell, aim for Sunday or Wednesday. Some spellworkers find that Thursday is also a good day for this type of yellow candle spell.

Yellow Candle Magic Spells for Clarity, Prosperity, Health

You can cast a money spell using a yellow candle that will attract wealth and abundance. There are other yellow spells you can cast to provide you with clarity for a specific situation that may be challenging you. If you are feeling run down and need a boost of vitality, a yellow candle spell can attract life-giving energies.

Yellow Candle Meaning for Your Benefit

You can use a yellow candle for a wide bounty of benefits. All you need do is decide what you wish to accomplish and then decide the best path to achieve your desires and goals.

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Yellow Candle Meanings: Achieving Clarity & Prosperity