Energy Vortexes

Sally Painter
Sedona, Arizona

Vortexes generate energy that some believe is spiritual and transformative, even healing. Some of these energy vortexes occur in high energy spots on earth, but are often elusive since there are no physical signs of their existence. Unlike common energy vortexes, such as water spouts, dust devils, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other spiraling energies that manifest telltale physical signs and in the aftermath leave evidence of their powerful force, spiritual energy vortexes are difficult to substantiate. While this type of spiraling energy cannot be seen, those sensitive to energy vortexes can feel them.

Mixed Bag of Energy Vortexes

There are many famous energy vortexes found around the world. Some are known as vile vortexes since they have devastating effects, such as missing planes and ships. Others leave the visitor with a spiritual awakening or even a physical healing.

Vortexes With Spiritual or Healing Energy

Some of these vortexes are dubbed spiritual vortexes because people with highly developed spiritual natures find that the spiraling energy facilitates their meditation or healing. These vortexes are rarely visible.

Spiritual Hub of Sedona

Sedona, Arizona is a known spiritual hub of energy that attracts people from around the world. The area enjoyed great notoriety during the 1987 Harmonic Convergence when many feared the Earth would slip off its axis due to a unique planetary alignment of the Sun, Moon, and six planets. This event brought greater attention to Sedona as a spiritual center. Sedona sediment is limestone and sandstone, ideal canvases for petroglyphs left behind by an ancient culture. Sedona enthusiasts believe the red mounds and mountains are harbingers of energy vortexes. People sit atop these rocks and mountains to practice mediation and prayers. Some vortexes in the area, like the one located at West Fork Creek, are said to create a vortex where time stands still. You can take any number of vortex tours with various themes such as healing and the medicine wheel.

Machu Picchu Energy Vortex

An electromagnetic subterranean energy is said to reside in the Inca Citadel of this famous mountain. Machu Picchu is one of Peru's most popular tourist destinations. This Inca ruin is said to be responsible for many healings and spiritual awakenings. In fact, the entire region is known for ancient mysticism that's still prevalent today.

Machu Picchu

Great Pyramids of Giza

Known for unique energies and spiritual awakenings by visitors, these are the most famous of the Egyptian pyramids. No one truly knows the original purpose of these mighty structures, but they were built using the universal mathematical constant of pi. In fact, many claim that these Golden Ratio buildings demonstrate a very important purpose. Many people believe that the pyramid form, when built using these specific mathematical equations, will aid in healings.


The tallest mountain range in the world is famously known for the challenge of climbing Mount Everest. This Asian range stretches across five countries, including India, China (Tibetan Plateau), Bhutan, Nepal, and Pakistan. India, Bhutan and Nepal are recognized as the sovereigns of the mountain range. The Hindus and Buddhists revere the mountains as sacred, and spiritual sojourns to the Himalayan range are common. Mount Kailash (or Kailas) is located in Tibet and known as the seventh (crown) chakra of the world.

Mount Kailash in the Himalayas

Vile Vortices Around the World

In 1972, Ivan T. Sanderson, an investigator, coined the term Vile Vortices (vortexes) to signify twelve points across the Earth that he believed were responsible for energy anomalies. All but two of these vortices are located in the oceans of the world. The three best known are found in the Tropic of Cancer.

Hawaiian Volcanoes

The Hawaiian ocean is said to create a vortex triangle that is responsible for the disappearance of ships and planes. Hamakulia south-east of Hawaii is believed to have been a high energy volcano that is responsible for the disruptive energy.

Hawaiian volcanic flow meets ocean

Bermuda Triangle

The most well-known energy vortex is the Bermuda Triangle where countless ships and planes have disappeared without a trace. The most famous of these is Flight 19, a five-plane training squad that set out from Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1945 for a routine training mission. The crew radioed it was having equipment malfunctions and they were unable to distinguish between the sky and ocean. No trace was ever found of the planes and pilots. This is just one of such mysterious disappearances recorded over the past 500 years within the Bermuda Triangle.

Dragon's Triangle

The Dragon's Triangle (Devil's Sea) is located near Iwo Jima, Japan. Ships and planes have also disappeared in this vortex.

Megalith Marks the Spot

Megaliths are extremely large stones, or groups of these stones, used to mark a specific area.

Algerian Megalithic Ruins

Located south of Timbuktu Neolithic rock etchings, the vast number of megalithic ruins is believed to mark a vile vortex.

Torreon, Mexico

Magnetic anomalies have been experienced by visitors in what's known as the Zone of Silence. This region has a mysterious form of interference with all types of electronic devices such as cell phones, radios, and televisions.

Callanish Megaliths, Scotland

Cut from rock three billion years old, this standing stone circle on the Isle of Lewis is believed to have been placed over a vortex. There are several megalithic circles located in this region.

Black and White Spirals

David Cowan, renowned ley line and vortex researcher, believes energy spirals are either positive or negative earth energies. These can be the direct result of underground streams and rivers that generate energy waves vertically toward the surface. Others radiate horizontally.

These vortex energies are known as black spirals or white spirals. The malevolent energy is found in black spirals and benevolent energy is found in white spirals. Paranormal activity can often be attributed to a black spiral or vortex. It's been theorized that these natural occurring energies are responsible for such phenomena as crop circles.

Easter Island

This Pacific Island holds 887 carved humanlike statues that were recently discovered to be nearly twice the size as the portion exposed above ground. Easter Island is commonly believed to be within a large black spiral. The island was formed by volcanic activity and is in keeping with the vile vortex pattern that crosses the planet.

Easter Island

Locating Vortexes Through Divination and Astronomy

The art of using nature energies to boost one's spiritual energies isn't new. In fact, many ancient peoples located these portals of immense energy through geomancy or some form of earth divination, such as throwing a handful of soil or pebbles onto the ground and then interpreting the pattern they form. Some techniques simply read and interpret existing ground patterns while others use dowsing rods to locate underground springs, streams and rivers.

In addition to earth divination techniques or geomancy, astronomy was used in making the final decision of location for a monument. These could be simple medicine wheels or magnificent temples, pyramids, standing stones and other structures that were designed to be used strictly for spiritual practices and rituals.

Erecting a spiritual structure over an energy vortex was believed to allow practitioners a facility where they could easily tap into the spiral energy emanating from the earth. This energy was often found by tracing the intersections of the ley line system. The overlapping of these lines can also create powerful energy points or vortexes. The summer and winter solstices were also important for placing of such monuments and their relationship to the sun rising and setting.

Rituals and Earth Magic

Many attribute power influxes in their earth magic and rituals to vortexes of energy. Some believe that contributing to the energy emitting from the vortex is important in creating a give and take relationship with the energy. By using earth magic and spiritual rituals, many people claim to receive extraordinary spiritual as well as physical benefits from energy vortexes.

Geology and Vortexes

Mineral deposits in the earth are believed to create or augment energy vortexes. Quartz is known to generate energy and geological areas high in quartz are believed to serve as a conduit for various energies, especially psychic and spiritual.

Modern Interpretation of Energy Vortexes

The ruins and remnants of sacred places that marked energy vortexes were respected as such for generations. Some are still used, such as Stonehenge where pagan ceremonies honor the solstices. Others, however, especially stone monoliths and ancient circles of mega stones, are mysterious reminders of ancient knowledge lost to the modern world. Perhaps these giant monuments were more than spiritual sites and actually harnessed the power created by energy vortexes. Until the secrets are unlocked, they will continue to capture the imagination of seekers.

Energy Vortexes