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Purple Aura Personality Traits

Sally Painter
rendition of woman with purple aura

The personality of someone with a purple aura is powerful and charismatic. These qualities come from the highly spiritual connection that a purple aura personality has from the moment of entry into this world.

Influence Over Other Aura Bands

The etheric body or human aura band is the first one of the seven aura bodies surrounding the body and the one most commonly seen. It is reflective of the energy that affects your body the most since it is connected to the root chakra. The root chakra connects you to the earth. While this chakra is credited with giving you feelings of security and safety, it is also the chakra that supports everything you need to do in this life. When your etheric band is purple, it reflects your connection to a higher energy level. It's this highly spiritual energy that governs and influences your life.

Psychic Abilities

When your etheric aura is purple, it reflects your personality. A purple aura personality has an air of mystique about them that makes them appear mysterious or almost mystical or otherworldly. Their psychic abilities are more advanced than most psychics. In fact, their abilities reach beyond the general scope of mediumship, clairvoyance and other psychic abilities. This person moves through life with one foot in the ethereal realm and the other in the physical world.

Attraction Factor

As a natural empath, your abilities are often on high alert to the slightest changes around you. This includes people as well as your immediate environment. You unconsciously tap into other people's pain as well as their joy. This often makes you an unwilling confidant since people tend to flock around you like insects at night are drawn to a porch light. Your spiritual energy is healing to others and you can easily become drained around people.

Retreat and Refill

You have to learn to set boundaries which is difficult for someone as spiritually open as you. In order to maintain your inner peace and balance, you need to retreat to the privacy of your own space. This will allow you time to refill the well of all that spiritual energy you so generously give to others. This natural need for solitude often leads others to tag you as a recluse, home body, anti-social, moody or even less flattering descriptors. However, you're so good-natured you don't take offense over things most people would.

Spiritual Teacher

If you have a purple aura, you're among an elite class of rare spiritual beings, many who attained ascension at the end of their lives. It isn't a far stretch to envision your destiny as that of an ascended master. In the meantime, you should share your spiritual thoughts, insights and experiences with the masses through books, videos, classes or any other form of communication you desire. You have a spiritual connection that many people spend their entire lives trying to achieve. For you, it's just a matter of closing your eyes and plugging back in, although you're rarely unplugged.

A Higher Perspective

You tend to see the world from a higher perspective than most people. You're able to see the human condition and how every experience has a spiritual value attached to it. This can sometimes make others feel you're cold and distant. Even this judgment doesn't faze you. This perspective is a good place for you to be in order to contemplate and view life as well as the lessons it brings to you and each person connected to you.

Exploring Your Personality Traits

As a highly evolved spiritual being, you often appear naïve and vulnerable. Nothing could be further from the truth. You just don't feel a need to block others from seeing who you really are. Some people mistakenly believe you can be tricked or may attempt to take advantage of you, but you recognize their intentions long before they act on them. It isn't your nature to call them out for such petty behavior since you know this is part of their learning curve and you have a part to play. Instead, you easily and genuinely extend friendship and forgiveness, something that immediately disarms potential adversaries and enemies. One of your strongest personality traits is the ability to teach by example.

Woman dancing in purple light

Curious Mind

You have a very curious mind, a personality trait that can get you into trouble when others misinterpret your questioning as being nosy. You need to understand everything you come in contact with. It's as though you're preparing for a big exam and maybe you are - eventually. Highly spiritual people often want to know more and question everything as a test of its validity. You're no exception. As you grow and explore, your spiritual nature will, too. In fact, you may try many religions during your lifetime and possibly reject them all as incomplete or too confining.

Moving Inward for Answers

While some people need gurus to guide them in exploring their spiritual natures, you don't. You are the teacher. You soon discover that what you seek is within yourself just waiting to be unlocked. You can tap into this well-spring of self-knowledge through meditation and various disciplines, such as tai chi and yoga.

Careers and Life Mission

It's clear you don't have a mundane boring life. The energy surrounding you on a daily basis is electric. You may choose to become a teacher, health care professional, therapist or religious leader. You innate desire to help others will guide you throughout life and be one of the main filters of everything you consider, say or do. You're blessed with the ability to see the ripple effect of your actions before you take them. You can also see this effect in others and this can dampen any efforts of spontaneity. However, it does enable you with great insight that can help guide others in their life journey.

Understanding Purple Aura Personality Traits

The frequency or vibration of a purple aura is higher than most aura colors except for a white aura. This energy connects to the spiritual plane and imbues the individual with a higher purpose in life. The purple aura personality needs to share their spiritual insights gained through a deep spiritual connection.

Purple Aura Personality Traits