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Haunted Places in New Jersey

Sally Painter
Historic cottage in Allaire State Park

There are many haunted places in New Jersey filled with stories of scary creatures and a multitude of restless spirits. Jersey has it all -from the frightening stories of the Jersey Devil to entertaining ghost tours.

Haunted Roadboy of Clinton Road, West Milford

A 10-mile stretch of road in West Milford is known as Clinton Road. Located in northern New Jersey, the road is surrounded by woods. Its trademark ghosts include Haunted Roadboy seen at the bridge along Dead Man's Curve. The dare is to toss a coin into the water below, and Roadboy will throw it back at you. Other ghostly claims included apparitions, a ghost truck, hell hounds, a wolf with red eyes, blue lights, and various frightening strange creatures.

Spirits of Devil's Tower, Alpine

The Devil's Tower is located in Alpine and was built by Manuel Rionda, a millionaire who made his fortune from importing sugar. Rionda built the 100 foot tall tower for his wife, Harriet so she could see New York City. The story goes Harriet was looking down from the tower when she saw her husband with another woman. Overwrought, she supposedly jumped from the tower to her death.

  • Visitors have claimed to be pushed by an invisible force.
  • Others reported seeing black cloudlike spirits.
  • Legend says every time demolition was undertaken, construction workers ended up dead from a fall.
  • People still report hearing strange sounds, noises, and screams coming from inside the tower.
  • It's said that circling the tower backwards six times summons a ghostly figure.
  • The tower is private property and closed to the public.

Haunted Town of Cape May

Known in paranormal circles as one of the most haunted towns in America, the picturesque coastal town of Cape May has been featured on numerous ghost hunting TV shows, such as SyFy's Ghost Hunters and Destination America's Haunted Towns. According to Bruce Tango (Ghost Hunters), the Southern Mansion is haunted with numerous reports of disembodied voices, doors opening and closing by themselves, and creepy shadow figures.

Spiritualism and Quartz

Many people believe two factors explain why Cape May is so haunted. Known as Cape May Diamonds, the beaches have a treasure trove of quartz. The largest deposit is found in Sunset Beach at Cape May Point. Spiritualism engulfed the area after the Civil War. It's believed the practitioners opened several portals to the other side aided by the energy from the quartz. You can participate in numerous Cape May ghost tour and ghost walks (609-884-5404).

Ghosts at Proprietary House, Perth Amboy

The Proprietary House in Perth Amboy is owned by the State of New Jersey and is said to be, "The only remaining official royal governor's mansion still standing in the original 13 colonies." The non-profit Proprietary House Association hosts lectures, concerts, guided tours, ghost tours, storytelling, and teas and can be rented for weddings, dinners, and other events. The SyFy show, Ghost Hunters and other paranormal investigators have conducted investigations. It's said one ghost loves scotch since it always disappears from sealed bottles.

  • Museum tours: Wednesdays and Sundays 1pm to 4pm
  • Tickets: $10 Adult and $5 per Child

Independent Haunted Tours

Revolutionary NJ often conducts haunted history tours at Proprietary House. Some ghostly residents include, Governor Franklin and his wife, William Dunlap (first American Art historian and theater critic), a scary Revolutionary War Soldier, and various spirits still captive in the wine cellar dungeon.

Haunted Historic Village at Allaire

Allaire Village is a living 1800s museum located in the Allaire State Park. While the museum doesn't openly advertise its resident ghosts, there are reports of spirits dwelling in the village buildings.

  • Psychics claim an angry spirit believed to be Benjamin Marks, the village supervisor, is still there.
  • Hal Allaire, a cholera victim, is said to be a playful child spirit that hides and moves objects in the Big House.
  • The Manager's House ghost communicates with toy alphabet blocks.
  • The Visitor's Center is known to have cold spots and visitors have the sensation of being watched.

The historic buildings are used for various venues, such as weddings, events, and group tours. The Village Office is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm except on Christmas and New Year's.

New Jersey Haunted Places

There are many haunted places in New Jersey with tales of spirits unwilling to leave this world. With entire townships declared haunted, you can walk down the streets and possibly have your own ghostly encounter.

Haunted Places in New Jersey