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10 Most Haunted Cemeteries

Sally Painter

Spooky Cemeteries Around the World

Check out 10 of the world's most haunted cemeteries that offer paranormal enthusiasts opportunities to capture paranormal activity. Most of these cemeteries are featured in local haunted ghost tours. All have frightening ghost stories while a few also feature human skeletons as construction materials for cemetery chapels.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France

Historic Pere Lachaise in Paris, France houses a veritable who's who of the famous dead including Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison and Marcel Marceau. It's said Holocaust victims walk the cemetery at night searching for a final place to rest. Who knows how many other restless spirits might reside there?

St. Louis Cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 in New Orleans houses the remains of infamous voodoo queen Marie Laveau. They say Marie still grants visitor requests from beyond the grave. Visitors also hear weeping coming from inside some of the crypts.

Highgate Cemetery, London, England

Tales emerged in the 1960s about the Highgate Cemetery Vampire of London who repeatedly appeared behind the gates along Swain's Lane. Reports of blood-drained animal carcasses lent further credence to the frightening sightings and inspired a full scale vampire hunt by local citizens. Perhaps the dark stranger with the hauntingly pale face still lurks amongst the tombs at night. Do you dare to explore Highgate Cemetery after dark?

Capuchin Crypt, Rome, Italy

The Capuchin Crypt is constructed out of skeletons and contains five chapels. This gruesome crypt also features skulls and bones as embellishments. The skeletons are the remains of 4,000 or more monks. The level of creepiness strikes visitors when viewing how the remains are arranged within the structure in various attempts of artistic reliefs.

Stull Cemetery, Lecompton, Kansas

"Cemetery of the Damned," is the infamous Stull Cemetery. Reportedly, the cemetery holds the body of a son spawned by Satan and a human mother. Rumors of Satanic worship and unexplained lights at night only add to the mystery and frightening aura of this spooky location that many local residents feel is literally the gateway to Hell.

Garden of Hope Cemetery, Gautier, Mississippi

Garden of Hope in Gautier, Mississippi is the burial site of a family that was brutally murdered. Visitors have reported seeing ghost children playfully running through the graveyard with the sounds of their giggles echoing through the air.

Bachelors Grove Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois

Bachelors Grove is yet another haunted cemetery in Chicago, Illinois that appears to be rife with spirits and other paranormal activity. Visitors tell of a white house with pillars that mysteriously appears on the grounds, only to fade away from view moments later. The cemetery is no longer maintained and has quickly fallen to ruin. Sounds like a ghost hunter's paradise, doesn't it?

Resurrection Cemetery. Chicago, Illinois

Resurrection Cemetery in Chicago is supposedly the resting place of the not-so-restful "Bloody Mary" of urban legend fame. As the story goes, Mary was attacked and murdered near the cemetery after leaving a funeral. Locals report that she appears along the road and asks for a ride to the cemetery gates, where she promptly disappears.

Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia

This hauntingly beautiful cemetery in Savannah was used as a location in the film Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. With its draping Spanish moss and still, thick atmosphere, it's the perfect place for a haunting. Indeed, locals tell a tale about a girl named Gracie Watson whose life-like monument sheds real tears. Visitors leave small gifts with the statue and claim that if someone steals them, the statue begins to cry. If you ever find yourself in Savannah, you can put the tale to the test... if you dare.

Greenwood Cemetery, Decatur, Illinois

The most famous ghost of Greenwood Cemetery in Decatur, Illinois is that of a confused and angry young boy who the locals have dubbed "Michael." Witnesses say he throws stones at visitors and even tries to punch or knock them down. There are also reports of a young girl who visitors sometimes see sadly waving as they leave the graveyard grounds.

Explore Haunted Cemeteries

These haunted cemeteries throughout the world reveal the macabre and bizarre. Real ghost pictures offer evidence of spirits in places said to be haunted. Stories of ghosts are found throughout historical sites and places of traumatic events, including cemeteries.

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10 Most Haunted Cemeteries