Haunted Hotels in New Orleans

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Some of the most haunted hotels in America are in New Orleans. A smorgasbord of ghosts, spirits and paranormal activity can be found in New Orleans haunted hotels. You can explore some of these top haunted places, such as Hotel Monteleone, Dauphine Orleans Hotel and Lafitte Guest House where you may run into a few resident ghosts.

New Orleans, a Haunted City

New Orleans has always been a city that dealt with death on a different level than most American cities. Voodoo is more than just movie hocus pocus to people who live in these parts, and much of the religion has been wrongly explained or sensationalized by modern media. The reality is that people who live in New Orleans have a close bond with those on "the other side", and that strong bond is due in part to their beliefs and how they view the world around them.

New Orleans is considered an extremely active city in terms of the paranormal, and you just have to view the impressive list of haunted hotels in the city to see that there's a lot more going in the Big Easy than what the naked eye can see.

Famous Haunted Hotels in New Orleans

Hotel Maison de Ville

The Hotel Maison de Ville is one of the top-rated hotels in the French Quarter. It features luxury accommodations, one of the finest restaurants in the city and many other amenities that make it a top choice to stay in New Orleans. However, the hotel also has a few otherworldly guests. Cottage number four is haunted by the ghost of soldier, and it's said that if you have the radio on inside the cottage, he'll change the station to a country music one every time. He's been seen to materialize a number of times during séances. Paranormal investigators have even picked up his voice through EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). Hotel guests have also reported hearing knocking sounds and disembodied voices, seeing unexplainable wet footprints and various apparitions dressed in vintage clothing walking the hallways.

The Andrew Jackson Hotel

The Andrew Jackson Hotel is also located in the heart of the French Quarter, and it offers guests a relaxed atmosphere and spacious comfortable rooms. If you believe the rumors, it's also haunted by the ghost of Andrew Jackson. The hotel was built on the site of an old boarding school that burned to the ground, killing five children in the process. There have been several reports from guests who claim to have heard the sounds of children playing in the hotel courtyard during the middle of the night when nobody was around.

Le Pavilion Hotel

Located in the downtown section of the city and often referred to as The Belle of New Orleans, Le Pavilion Hotel is well known as another one of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans. In fact, several paranormal investigative teams have identified at least four spirits that roam the grounds, while some investigators claim the hotel is home to well over 100 ghosts. From strange noises in the night and shadowy apparitions to items being moved around the room and sheets being pulled off of you while you sleep, this hotel has it all. In fact, it's said that the entire cleaning staff refuses to go onto one of the hotel's floors because they're too spooked by the constant paranormal activity that takes place there.

Hotel Monteleone

The Hotel Monteleone offers its guests, including some high-profile movie stars and dignitaries, European-styled comfort and luxury. To paranormal investigators, this hotel is home to more than a dozen ghosts. There have been reports of a naked male ghost who wears only his Mardi Gras mask and visits certain rooms before he turns and disappears. There are also several accounts of apparitions walking the hallways. A ghost of a young child, reportedly grabs your hand, looks into your eyes and then fades away. There's also the restless spirit of a jazz singer heard wailing away in the middle of the night.

Dauphine Orleans Hotel

The Dauphine Orleans Hotel is an 18th Century townhouse-turned-hotel that sits in the heart of the French Quarter. A one-time bordello, the hotel's bar features the spirits of several well-dressed ladies of the evening and their Civil War soldier companions. The hotel's beds are said to bounce in the early morning hours and late afternoon. Many guests report the feeling of being watched, having their room doors locked from the inside as well as hearing mysterious sounds throughout the night.

Lafitte Guest House

The Lafitte Guest House can be found on New Orleans's famous Bourbon Street and offers 14 guest rooms that feature top-luxury accommodations. Legend has it that a mother and her two children died in room 21 and continue to haunt it to this day. One child died from yellow fever. The other child hanged herself and the mother died a few years later of a broken heart. Visitors to room 21 feel an intense sense of despair. It's said that weeping can often be heard at night, and the ghost of the young girl who died of yellow fever reportedly shows herself in the mirror right outside of the room

Other New Orleans Hotels with Ghosts

These haunted hotels are just the tip of the iceberg of paranormal activity in the Big Easy. For additional haunted places to stay, try these hotels as well:

  • Bourbon Orleans, Wyndham
  • Le Richelieu Hotel
  • Omni Royal Orleans
  • The Avenue Plaza Hotel
  • The Columns Hotel
  • The French Quarter Courtyard Hotel
  • The Historic French Market Inn
  • The Lamothe House Hotel
  • The Lanaux Mansion
  • The Place D'Armes Hotel
  • The Pontchartrain Hotel
  • The Provincial Hotel
  • Villa Convento Hotel

Many people choose to stay in these reportedly haunted hotels in New Orleans because of the supposed ghostly and paranormal activity that occurs in them. Whether or not you have such an encounter, you're sure to enjoy a bit of history and the mystique of this fascinating city.

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Haunted Hotels in New Orleans