Types of Ghost Sightings

What characterizes ghost sightings?

Everyone experiences ghost sightings differently. Ghost sightings appear to be as unique as the individuals who once inhabited the earth.

Different Kinds of Ghost Sightings

Paranormal investigators characterize ghost sightings in many different ways.

Standard Apparitions

Apparitions are the physical manifestation of a spirit that can be seen with the naked eye. Investigators list several types of apparitions.Among them are:

  • Shadow people: These shadowy figures take human form, but are often only several feet tall. They do not have discernible features or faces and appear as black humanoid figures in haunted locations.
  • Shadows or dark mists: Some apparitions form frightening dark shadows or mists. These ghost sightings include dark mist-like figures that form human shapes, glide across the floor or appear and then disappear just as quickly.
  • The lady in white: It's almost cliché in paranormal circles to see a lady in white Victorian garb, but that's typically how many female ghost sightings are described. Why these particular ghosts appear to wear white gowns remains a mystery, but you will often hear people describe these figures as "a lady in white".

Atmospheric Apparitions

Atmospheric apparitions may not necessarily be ghosts. Some investigators believe them to be energy imprints left at a particular location, usually a location that had deep meaning to the deceased person or a place where a great deal of positive or negative emotional energy existed. Sometimes these places are called residual haunts or residual haunting. Think of them like a video tape left to play repeatedly in an endless loop. There's no consciousness left in the spirit, merely an energy manifestation.

Historical Apparitions

Historical apparitions appear to be very similar to atmospheric apparitions, but are more frequently experienced in historical settings. For example, many visitors to Gettysburg battlefield report seeing what they believe are costumed Civil War re-enactors on the battlefield or walking by them only to find out later that no reenactment were planned that day. Spotted at historical sites including battlefields, homes, mills and prisons, historical apparitions appear life-like but often repeat a simple task over and over again. They do not typically interact with viewers.

Recurring Apparitions

These apparitions appear to be on some mystical time schedule and appear at the same time and place weekly, monthly or yearly. Speculation among investigators is that they are a form of atmospheric or residual haunting, but for some reason they can only manifest at a particular day, time and place.

Intelligent Apparitions

Many paranormal investigation television shows such as the SciFi Channel's Ghost Hunters or Paranormal_State feature intelligent apparitions. These apparitions interest investigators the most, since they can interact with researchers. They interact with people using knocks, bangs, moving objects, touching people or creating signals on specific ghost hunting equipment to communicate information. Many times investigators capture their eerie voices, inaudible to normal hearing, on recording equipment.

Familial or Family Spirits

The most difficult ghost sighting of all is that of the familial or family spirit. Not often investigated, familial spirits haunt a family. Experts believe these spirits to be former family members who guard or warn against danger. Many examples in history and literature cite deceased family members appearing to living family members to warn of imminent illness, disaster or death. Other familial spirits are not so charitable and take on the characteristics of intelligent haunts or poltergeist activity. For whatever reason, these spirits are difficult to dislodge from a particular family.

Characteristics of Ghost Sightings

What is it like to see a ghost? Some people are frightened, others merely curious. Many sensations occur before one actually sees a ghost. While sensations don't definitively prove a haunting, they lend credence to claims of a place or person being haunted when combined with other evidence.

  • Cold spots or feelings of freezing cold: Researchers believe that spirits need energy to manifest, and that they extract thermal or heat energy from the atmosphere in order to manifest. Cold spots, feelings of freezing cold or abnormally cold temperatures can indicate a spirit is near.
  • Battery drain: As with cold spots, spirits are thought to extract the energy from batteries like those used in flashlights or cameras. Experienced investigators pack extra batteries on all investigations in case they experience battery drain.
  • Problems or interference with electronic equipment: Many people also experience problems with common electronic equipment. Radios tune in to static, televisions change channels by themselves, stereos turn on and off for no apparent reason.
  • Feelings of being watched: People who've experienced ghost sightings firsthand frequently report odd sensations such as the feeling of being watched when no one is around. Other sensations reported include a feeling of not being wanted, or a strong feeling that one must exit the premises. Sometimes paranormal researchers allude to a "heavy" feeling in the air, almost as if the air pressure changes, making it difficult for them to think or breathe.

Help for Hauntings

If you believe you've actually seen a ghost, there are several places where you can report your sighting and get help if you need it. Be sure to take good notes and include any physical evidence you may have caught such as temperature readings, noises captured on audiotape, video taped images or photographs. Write down the time, place, location and date where you experienced a ghost sighting. Include any sensations felt before or after the ghost appeared. Also note any witnesses/people who were with you who may have seen something too.Find a local paranormal research center or volunteer group if you need to report a sighting or seek help with a haunted location. The main website for The_Atlantic_Paranormal_Society includes links to local chapters who can help you understand what it is you've experienced.

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