What Is the Most Haunted State?

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There are countless locations and sites around the United States that are filled with surreal and odd paranormal phenomenon, but many people wonder what is the most haunted state in the country. The only way to answer that question is to poll all of the most popular online paranormal sources and see if any of them agree.

What Is the Most Haunted State in US?

There are many paranormal sites on the Internet that qualify as an authority on issues related to haunted places throughout the country. Unfortunately, even paranormal experts have a hard time agreeing on what is the most haunted state in the country mainly because such a classification depends heavily on how you go about rating ome particular state as more haunted than another.

Taking Roll Call

A review of some of the most popular Internet paranormal informational sources does turn up a clear winner for the most haunted state. Read the following list to learn how each website rated the top haunted states, and which state wins the title as the most haunted.

  • Haunted America Tours is a constant source for ghost hunting, ghost tour and haunting information from across the country. In 2009, Haunted Tours posted a "2009 Most Haunted State in America" ranking drawn from the two year research of Lisa Lee Harp Waugh. According to these rankings, the top five most haunted states included Louisiana, New Mexico, Arizona, Maryland and Tennessee.
  • Author Troy Taylor compiled a list of what he believes are America's most haunted places for PrairieGhosts.com. Some of the most haunted places that he listed included the Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana, the Bell Witch Cave in Tennessee, the Lincoln Theater in Illinois, and the Bobby Mackey's Music World in Kentucky (near Ohio). He also included the Moore Ax Murder House in Iowa and the Lemp Mansion in Missouri.
  • SixWise, a site not typically focused on the paranormal, decided to publish a feature in 2006 on the top 10 haunted places in the country. The sites that made this list included Bachelor's Grove Cemetery and the Hickory Hill Slave House in Illinois, as well as the Lemp Mansion and Devil's Promenade in Missouri. The U.S. Air Force Museum in Ohio and Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana also made the list.
  • LoveToKnow Paranormal also featured a list of the 10 most haunted places, including the Bell Witch cave in Tennessee, Waverly Hills in Kentucky, Bachelor's Grove Cemetery and the Lincoln Theater in Illinois. Eastern State Penitentiary and Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania round out the list.

The most remarkable thing about all of these many different rankings of the most haunted places around the country all tend to group around the very central region of the country. This grouping identifies where most of the hauntings tend to focus in the country.

The Majority of Hauntings Center Around Ohio

While most of the paranormal sites across the Internet tend to list a wide variety of haunted locations, they also share one thing in common. Almost every one of them lists a variety of famous haunted locations stretching from Virginia and West Virginia through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. Michigan is just slightly north of this region of the country and is also labeled by many paranormal experts as one of the most haunted states. If you circle this heavily haunted region of the country, the center of that circle clearly identifies the State of Ohio as the most haunted U.S. state.

The Mean Center of the U.S. Population

It is rather fascinating to observe the fact that the most haunted region of the country is also where the mean center of the U.S. population is located. What is the "mean center" of the population? Picture the country as a flat board. If the population of every town and city in the country was "weighted" and you wanted to balance that board on the point of a pencil, the spot where you have to place the tip of that pencil in order to balance that board identifies the "mean center" of the entire U.S. population. This geographic center of the population also appears to be the very center of most paranormal activity in this country. This fact could have no significance except that many people who believe in psychic abilities also believe that many people have those abilities without realizing it.

Is it possible that the collective psychic power of the entire U.S. population generates the paranormal activities that are witnessed at these locations?

Final Words

While it's difficult to award the label of the most haunted State to any one state in the United States, it's very clear that Ohio and the states around it represent a significant paranormal hot spot in the U.S., and any paranormal research group in the region won't suffer from any lack of paranormal activity.

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What Is the Most Haunted State?