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What Is the Most Haunted State?

Karen Frazier
Gettysburg Cemetery in Pennsylvania

Which state is America's most haunted? It depends on who you ask. While many paranormal enthusiasts believe their state is the most haunted in the U.S., paranormal enthusiasts in other states beg to differ. Even paranormal experts can't completely agree on which state has the most ghostly activity.

Most Haunted States in the U.S.

Every state in the nation has reported hauntings. Some states have higher volumes of possible hauntings than others, however.

Most Haunted Northeastern State: Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has one of the country's most notorious haunts: Gettysburg. The Civil War battlefield makes nearly every top 10 most haunted places in the United States lists, which is enough to catapult Pennsylvania to the top of the northeast's most haunted state list. Pennsylvania is also home to one of the country's most haunted prisons, Eastern State Penitentiary.

Top Haunted Southeastern State: Louisiana

Louisiana often receives top billing as a haunted state because of New Orleans. The city is well-known for its hauntings. Visitors can stay in haunted hotels, visit haunted houses in the French Quarter, visit the haunted Lafayette Cemetery, or learn about NOLA's voodoo and black magic roots. The devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 further added to the city's mystique, and thus the state's haunted reputation.

Lafayette Cemetery in NOLA

Most Haunted Midwestern State: Ohio

Another state many believe is one of America's most haunted is Ohio. With its industrial background and plenty of tragedies, Ohio has haunted houses, haunted amusement parks, and haunted prisons, and it is rich with urban legends, and ghost stories.

Most Haunted State in the West: California

If you live out west, California is a ghost lover's paradise. The Golden State is full of sunshine, sure, but it also has its share of haunted places. Many of the hauntings extend back to the Gold Rush, but you can also find storied haunted houses like the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose and the Whaley House in San Diego, haunted ships such as the RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach, haunted prisons like Alcatraz, and even haunted hikes.

Abandoned building at Alcatraz

Most Haunted in the Southwest: Nevada

It's hard to choose a most haunted Southwestern state with legends of the Wild West such as Tombstone, Arizona with the haunted Bird Cage Theater, but in the end Nevada seems to edge out the others. Along with the Silver Rush and Gold Rush and the legendary Las Vegas mob bosses, Nevada has a number of notorious haunts including Hoover Dam and Boulder City, haunted mines, and the famed Goldfield Hotel, first made famous on the television show Ghost Adventures.

Ghosts in Every State

Of course, every state has reports of ghosts. Check out reports from each state.

Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO
Ghostly Hitchhiker - Resurrection Mary
  • Ghosts in Indiana include a famous library ghost, the Gray Lady of the Willard Library in Evansville. You can even watch for her yourself on the library's live ghost cam.
  • There are plenty of ghosts in Iowa, including a famous haunted house, the Villisca Axe Murder House.
  • Kansas ghost lovers can stay in haunted hotels or visit the Custer House and Fort Riley.
  • Kentucky is home to two of America's most well-known haunts, Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, and Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder.
  • In Maine, ghost enthusiasts can explore haunted lighthouses, haunted roads, and even a haunted castle.
  • Maryland saw action in the Civil War, and the Antietam Battlefield is one of its most famous haunted places.
  • In Michigan, you can visit the Great Lakes to see ghost ships or visit Forester and try to encounter the Ghost of Minnie Quay.
  • Minnesota is haunted! Whether you visit haunted restaurants, cemeteries, or locations such as Grey Cloud Island, you may encounter a ghost.
  • You can find Mississippi ghosts in old mansions, parks, and on battlefields.
  • Ghosts in Missouri include those living in a well-known haunted mansion, Lemp Mansion.
  • In Montana, visit the Old Montana Prison, one of the most haunted prisons in the country.
  • Nebraska is haunted with plenty of old buildings, including museums and historic parks.
  • If you're in New Hampshire, stay in one of its haunted hotels such as the Three Chimneys Inn in Durham.
  • New Jersey is home to the spooky Pine Barrens (home of the Jersey Devil), along with plenty of historic haunted buildings.
New Jersey Pine Barrens
Alamo in San Antonio, TX

Is Your State Most Haunted?

There's an argument for virtually any state to be the most haunted state in the country. It all depends on who you ask. How about yours? How haunted is your state, and why should it be considered the most haunted state in the U.S.? Let us know in the comments below.

What Is the Most Haunted State?